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Richard and Emily bicker over which family Christopher is more responsible for until Lorelai begs them to stop discussing it. Emily tells Lorelai to tell Christopher she wants to get married. Lorelai asks her to stop. "Yes, Emily, please stop," Richard says. He says that Lorelai never does anything unless she wants it, no matter what the consequence is to anyone else." Lorelai, hurt, asks what that's supposed to mean. Emily says that Lorelai wants to be with Christopher. Richard says that Christopher is just trying to live up to his responsibilities, like he did many years ago with Lorelai, when she turned him down and sent him away. Lorelai points out that she was sixteen at the time. Richard says that if Christopher has finally found someone who will allow him to be in a family with his child, then he's going to stay where he's welcome. Emily asks whether Richard supports this. "I understand it," Richard says. "I am shocked by your attitude!" Emily yells. "And I am appalled by your naïveté," Richard counters. He asks whether Emily really expected this all to work out -- whether she pictured holidays and memories with all the Gilmores, and Christopher, together as a family. Richard: "Lorelai had her chance to be a family. She walked away from it." Again, scones in hand, Lorelai walks away from her family as they bicker about what's best for her. Richard: "He has a chance to be a father. I applaud him." Emily: "Then you're an idiot." Richard excuses himself to his office, but Emily yells at him for walking out while they were having a discussion. Lorelai leaves through the front door as Emily and Richard continue their argument somewhere in the depths of the house.

LHCD. Lorelai drives her Jeep into Stars Hollow. She stops in the middle of the street somewhere and parks. She wanders over towards Sookie's to see her and Jackson wheeling the giant bear out of the house. Lorelai looks over at Luke's. It's closed, but that's never stopped her before.

LHCD. She walks right in. "We're closed," Luke says. "I know," Lorelai says. "Look, I didn't come here to make up." How's that for a hello? She goes on: "Or to try to get you to forgive me or talk. I wouldn't even have come here at all but, I had a really crappy night and I really need a cup of coffee." Because Lorelai doesn't know how to make her own cup of coffee and the coffee at Al's Pancake World just isn't good enough. She tells Luke to pretend that she's not herself, not "Me," but "MeMe," a new customer who sits way down at the other end of the counter, drinks her coffee and keeps to herself. Hey, MeMe. They're closed. Lorelai pours her own cup of coffee and promises to clean out the mug when she's done drinking it and then leave. Without paying.

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