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Rory gingerly cuddles a book as she unpacks a box. Like, with two hands, as if she's weakened over the summer so much that she can't pick up a two-hundred-pager without strain. Lorelai says she figured out how to get the LHCD out of her head. Think of "It's a Small World." Then you have to figure out how to get that song out of your head, but it's a beginning. Someone once told me to sing the Oscar Mayer theme song to clear out your head. None of it works, by the way. Rory pouts to the couch. Lorelai plops beside her and semi-apologizes kinda maybe. Rory says that Lorelai was right. Lorelai knows it. They ask back and forth how was dinner/ how was Dean until Rory compares them to the Williams sisters. Dinner was bad. Lorelai tells Rory that they can go back to Luke's now. Rory asks how Luke and Lorelai made up. Lorelai says that she's MeMe now. "Oh. Sure," Rory says. Dean was fine. Rory didn't break up with him. She "realized" that she "loves him" because he's "great" and she was "crazy" for thinking she "cared about" "Jess." It sounds like Rory's just reading this off a sheet of paper. Lorelai says she doesn't want Rory to stay with Dean because of Lorelai, and that she was still just angry over Christopher. Rory says she thought about it, made a pro and con list, and decided that she really did love Dean. How romantic. "He deserves my undivided attention," Rory adds. She says she feels good about this. Lorelai says that if Rory decided she'd rather date Jess, then Lorelai would help her "...get vaccinated." Rory thanks her, but swears she's good. She asks if Lorelai's good. "Well, I'm gonna be good," Lorelai says. Rory decides that they'll both be good. Lorelai wonders if Sherri and Christopher's baby is going to look like her. Like Lorelai. How would that happen? Rory says that if the baby knows what's best, it'll look like Lorelai. This causes a hunger pang, and Lorelai asks for her purse. She eats a day-old free doughnut as we pan out the window, soak in some strummy-strummy-la-la, and fade to black.

Next week: Everybody cries and yells at Christopher.

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