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There's a knock at the door. Paris puts on her sweater, saying that Jamie's here. She thanks Rory for the help, and tells her to get into the closet. She doesn't want Jamie to walk in and see another potential datable and change his mind. She doesn't want competition before the date even begins. Uh, there's still a guy at the door, y'all. They keep arguing about whether Rory should get into the closet until Paris pleads with her and Jamie knocks on the door again. Rory gets into the closet. "When you get home, you need to get a new therapist," Rory says, "because the one you have is really not working." Paris thanks Rory through the closed closet door. She opens the dorm-room door. Jamie stiltedly tells Paris that she looks really nice. "Well, this is a really good sweater," she explains with embarrassment. It's my favorite line of the episode. Jamie asks if she likes Italian food. She does. He's happy, because he made a reservation at a place that the Zagat guide said was really good. They leave, shutting the door as the sultry strummy-strummy-la-la kicks in. Inside the closet, Rory works on her letter to Jess, holding a flashlight above her notebook. Yes, Rory. Banish that love to the hidden dark, dusty corners where it belongs. Hide it. Keep it a secret. Put it away. Store it with mothballs.

MamaLane's antique shop. Sookie asks Lorelai how she could not tell her parents about Christopher. Lorelai says that everything was so quiet and peaceful with them out of town and Rory away. "It just seemed quieter," she says. Sookie holds up a white naked male statue lamp thing and asks if it's "manly." "In an Oscar Wilde sort of way," Lorelai answers. Sookie tells Lorelai that she'll have to tell them tonight. Lorelai is wearing some kind of lingerie top that she must have stolen from Sheryl Crow. Sookie finds a shaving table. She thinks it's perfect. Lorelai points out that it costs $1200. MamaLane rushes up and barks that it's an antique. "Where did she come from?" Sookie asks, a little frightened. MamaLane says that they're looking at Sherman's shaving table: "General Sherman. Burned Atlanta. Liked a close shave." Everyone missed MamaLane, I know. MamaLane offers Sookie 10% off. Sookie says that she still wants to look around. "It's very nice," Sookie says. "I know it's very nice," MamaLane says as she leaves. Lorelai notes that MamaLane would have made a very good nun. Sookie asks how Lorelai's going to tell her parents about Christopher. She says she was planning on doing it like Nell. "Chicka chicka chicka baaaay!" I think that perhaps Lauren Graham has never seen Nell, and didn't we all stop doing Nell jokes in 1998? Just wondering. Lorelai promises to tell them. Sookie coos over a mounted trout. "It's a dead fish," Lorelai winces. "It's an antique," Sookie corrects, planning on putting it over the mantle. She thinks it's manly. Very "Ralph Lauren." Lorelai calls it "Leon Troutsky." I think perhaps Amy let her husband do a little script tweaking, wondering if we'd still hate the script if it had her name on it even when he wrote it. I can tell he did it and I'm not falling for no Daniel Palladino in my tailpipe. Lorelai giddily announces that she's off to go pick up Rory at the airport before she swings by to pick her and Jackson up for the festival. Pick up to go where? Isn't the festival just outside their doors? And how much exposition do we need? Lorelai offers MamaLane ten bucks to not let Sookie buy the fish. MamaLane asks for twenty. Lorelai gives it to her.

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