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Lorelai stops Andrew outside the polling booth and asks him to vote for Taylor instead. Here's where you think Lorelai's going to accidentally tip the scales in Taylor's favor, but that doesn't happen. In a rare moment of compassion, Lorelai just wants Taylor to have a few votes. Our cake lady is awesome. Please use her for all your cake needs. Also, the words "cake" and "lady" go perfectly together.

The band wraps up the song, winning a few girlie groupies in the process. They take a bow and pull a couple of chippies backstage. Sookie calls their performance "peppy" and calls Jackson to the stage. Jackson and Sookie kiss for a while, one of the more passionate kisses we've seen in this show's history. Jackson thanks everyone for coming and supporting them. He realized, though, that he has a job and a life and no time to be a Town Selectman. He's got a wife and a baby and they're already trying to have another one. The doctor has them on a schedule, and it's "not flexible." Everybody in this town treats sex as an inconvenience. Jackson tells everybody he doesn't want to be the Town Selectman, causing the crowd to cheer his honesty. The woman in the front of the crowd doesn't look convinced, though. The crowd chants his name. I tried to get away with not carrying flowers, but both stee and one of my bridesmaids nixed that idea before I'd finished suggesting it. Everybody loves flowers, I guess. ["I've heard from various brides that you'll be glad to have something to do with your hands." -- Sars]

The band celebrates victory with beers and girls. Lane stays in the kitchen, fuming. Brian and mfTL realize that spinning cheese into gold is their new sound, and what's working for them. The chippies tell mfTL that he's going to be so famous. "Will you remember us when you're huge?" one asks. "No," he answers. The girls giggle. "You're awful!" the other says. "I'm awful, too!" Brian offers, stopping the fun cold. MfTL goes for refills. He asks Lane to grab him a couple of beers and tells her to come join the party. Lane hands him the beers and says she likes him as more than a bandmate and more than a friend. She says she's liked him for some time now and thinks the feeling isn't going to go away. She hands him a beer and walks off. MfTL, dazed, heads outside for some air. Brian offers to play the endless Ken Burns Jazz on DVD. This is the most I've talked about the wedding to people, other than last week when my maid of honor came over and I put on the dress and we danced around my living room like spazzes.

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