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CuteDean finds Rory in the crowd. Rory's drinking coffee late at night. He apologizes for "this whole situation." He says it's been harder than he thought, dealing with his parents and Lindsay. He swears it's not because of Rory, because God forbid a fucking Gilmore ever takes the blame for something. CuteDean says he doesn't want to yell at her anymore, so he worked out the car thing and had a talk with his mom. He's sure everything's going to be better now. He kisses her in public and then apologizes again. Rory asks Dean if she can ask him something without him getting mad. Dean's all, "Why would I get mad? Just because I have a TENDENCY TO BLOW UP AT PEOPLE WITHOUT ANY WARNING?" She asks him if he still would have left Lindsay if she hadn't found that letter. That's why she found the letter, Rory. CuteDean's all, "Sure. Whatever." And that's good enough for Rory. Gah. I'm over these two. How has this show ruined both of the relationships I loved in less than two episodes? Two episodes! Our wedding is at night.

Miss Patty declares Jackson the winner. Taylor got ten votes. Jackson doesn't want to make a speech, so Taylor storms the stage. He gives Jackson a handshake and makes his way to the microphone. He says today in Stars Hollow democracy has spoken. The will of the people has prevailed and the voice of the town has been heard. Taylor says that free elections are a wonderful thing, something to be admired and cherished. He also admires and cherishes the recall election. He says one will happen any day now when sanity and reason have been restored to Stars Hollow. He says everyone had better believe they'll have Taylor Doose to kick around again. Ugh. If they rig that election again this year, I'm moving to Canada. Our sisters are our ring bearers.

Andrew and Miss Patty are already bugging Jackson for permits. Kirk offers to be in charge of Homeland Security. The wedding is in Los Angeles.

Lorelai finds Luke up in his room. She's brought champagne to celebrate. But see, Luke was sleeping, because he gets up early, because he actually goes to his job. Lorelai realizes that maybe Luke needs sleep. She kisses him goodnight. She also remembers that he hates champagne. "I'm learning, I'm learning," she says. They kiss again. Lorelai leaves and Luke smiles for a while before going back to bed. Alone. I am so excited to be getting married, and I'm already sad that the wedding day will be over in a couple of months.

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