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Rory rings CuteDean's bell. Rory enters and tells CuteDean that his mom got a new plant. Clara, CuteDean's sister, is so happy to see Rory, and acts like it's the first time she's seen her, which is weird, since Rory's been coming over there every other night. Clara tells Rory that she never liked Lindsay anyway. Hey! He's still married to the girl. Jeez. If that's the same girl who has always played Clara, I'm feeling old. CuteDean's mom gets bitchface with Rory, coldly informing her that she's too late for dinner. CuteDean says they're going upstairs.

Upstairs, we see CuteDean's room. Again, makes no sense that Rory's surprised to see it for the first time since they were in high school. Where have they been having sex for the past couple of weeks? Rory picks up a model car of CuteDean's and actually goes, "Vrroom!" I wonder if they were told to improvise because it's all so weird and wrong. There's no bed, I guess, so CuteDean pulls Rory over for a kiss. Clara starts playing loud music, and in an opposite reaction from any teenager trying to get laid, CuteDean bangs on the door, yelling at Clara to turn down the sound that will cover up anything they do on CuteDean's floor. These morons deserve each other. They can't do anything right. CuteDean apologizes to Rory for his mom, saying that "this whole thing" has been hard on his parents. His dad won't come out of the basement. Rory says it's okay, and knows it'll take time for everybody. CuteDean yells at his sister again. "The college student and the divorcee," he laughs. "We'd make a good adult film," Rory says. No, you wouldn't, because that would require you to be hot. You guys have no real sexual chemistry. Crush-cute is not the same as sexy. CuteDean's mom knocks and asks when Rory's going home, because they want to set the house alarm. CuteDean says he'll set the alarm, even though it'll wake up his parents when he does. She asks that Rory doesn't stay too late. She then opens the door a crack before walking away. Heh. My mom totally used to do that. CuteDean is amazed. He suggests they go see a movie. Rory says it's late and she has classes. She's not hungry, either. They decide to watch television. CuteDean turns on the oldest television in the world, shuts the door, and sits on the floor. As they wait for the television to warm up, we hear CuteDean's parents screaming at each other downstairs, unless that's the television without a picture. It's hard to tell. Regardless, dude. CuteDean needs to get his own place if he wants to get laid. Rory needs to move on.

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