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Rally. Rory finds Lane. "You're here?" Lane says, with not near as much surprise as she's earned. Rory calls herself Lane's groupie, but tells her not to get any ideas, as she's not planning on experimenting until her junior year. Or last year's spring break. One of my honor attendants bullied me into completing our registry last week. That took so much work. And so many people just ignore the registry and buy you whatever. I had to look at for seven hours to find a towel I liked. I mean, I really like that towel, you know? We both love that towel. We went to the store and touched towels, and then we went online and found that towel and registered for them because we need towels. Our towels never recovered from the Sewage Disaster 2002-2004 in the last house, and the one thing I was looking forward to about registering for gifts was getting pretty towels. Anyway, the registry is done, mostly because the honor attendant was losing his shit over it.

Sookie welcomes everyone to the rally. She thanks everyone for the support and nice thoughts. "Wow. Again: wow." Sookie goes into full-on awkwardly white First Lady mode and introduces Lane's band: Hep Alien. Bad band name, guys. Bad. The band rocks out a sort of punk version of "Greatest American Hero." Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a touch too fast. Did you know in California it's legal to marry your cousin? Just a little tidbit of trivia for you, there.

Sookie is wincing from the loud and the fast and the punk. Lorelai tells her she just saw Taylor and she thinks he knows. Sookie can't hide her glee, no matter how sad Taylor is. Lorelai thinks it's really sad and humiliating to receive no votes at all. Lorelai leaves. My mom will be walking me down the aisle.

Sebastian Bach hits a few notes of the national anthem on his guitar. I am now reminded of the time I was probably twelve years old, sitting in my living room, singing along to Sebastian Bach as he sang "I Remember You," which man, I sang the shit out of. That and "18 and Life." And I'd flip my hair back when Sebastian Bach flipped his hair back, and I hoped he wouldn't do so many drugs that he'd die really young, like I was sure was going to happen to Axl. And my mom came out to find out what my wailing was all about, saw Sebastian Bach, and tsked. "He'd be so much better looking without all that girl hair." My mother: a child of the sixties, morals of the fifties. I love our wedding bands and can't wait to wear mine. I like mine a lot, but I really love stee's. I love the way he looks when he's staring at it, like everything inside him just clicked into place.

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