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Goodbye Twickham 2005

I kind of wish Taylor didn't have such a keen sense of dramatic suspense, because now we have to see Lane confront Sophie about stealin' her man. Seriously, I think I've seen this scene about 7,000 times over on 7th Heaven with Lucy and her convoluted confrontations with every woman who so much as looks at her husband, so I don't want to go into great detail here. Basically, Zack isn't cheating on Lane; he goes to Sophie's Music to play banjo in a bluegrass band with some random people. He didn't want to tell Lane about it because the banjo isn't rock and roll, like she'd really care. And she doesn't. Everything is fine again.

Paris continues to beg for change in an increasingly belligerent manner. I just don't understand why no one is giving money to the shoeless girl who makes obscene gestures at and threatens the livelihoods of passersby.

Rory's still sitting around, now with several empty cups of punch in front of her. She presses a speed-dial button on her cell phone to reach Logan's answering machine. Logan's outgoing message is really obnoxious, all about his plans for the evening, which involve club-hopping with eleven people in a Hummer. The plans do not include Rory. She doesn't leave a message.

Back at the Diorama, sanitation during wartime is the topic, as local Stars Hollow manufacturer, Buff-Rite, provided urinal cakes to WWII soldiers. I guess I missed the part of Saving Private Ryan when Tom Hanks and his boys took a short break at the Front Lines Rest Stop Facilities. Lorelai's cell phone rings, and she takes off. Luke says he's seen enough of the diorama he previously seemed really excited about, and tells Lorelai he'll meet her outside. Sookie tells Luke's retreating form that she loves the diorama. "Remember the '60s?" asks Taylor's voice-over. Mannequins appear dressed in the stereotypical '60s hippie Halloween costume you know you wore.

Over by the early man display, Lorelai answers her still-ringing phone. Take it outside, Lorelai. People are trying to enjoy the diorama, and aside from what you might believe, they'd rather see that than listen to your cell phone ringtone and subsequent conversation. And I'm one of them! The diorama is the highlight of the episode! Take me back to it! But no: Sandra is on the phone, and she tells Lorelai that her article has gone over really well with everyone at the magazine -- especially the stuff about Emily, which was the "best part." Well, of course. Lorelai asks if the best part could possibly be removed from the article, "for a friend." "We're not friends," says Sandra, which is something Lorelai should have considered when she sat around gossiping with a complete stranger about her mother. ["'Off the record.' Four syllables, people." -- Wing Chun] Sandra says that their only option is to take the article out entirely, which means no cover story about the Dragonfly. ["That would not happen. Lorelai had already co-operated with the magazine on the story, and if it's already been edited, the magazine has either gone to print or is just about to, and they couldn't just drop a feature-length article; they'd be short pages. In short: ridiculous." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai hangs up and walks back to Sookie and the diorama, which is now detailing modern life in Stars Hollow. And by "modern life," Taylor seems to mean "the '50s," and by "in Stars Hollow," Taylor seems to actually mean "somewhere deep, deep in the Bible Belt." Mother serves breakfast for her perfect nuclear family. "I love Jesus," the daughter randomly says.

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