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Goodbye Twickham 2005

Luke walks off to the back yard, where he finds Dean, still sulky. Luke asks Dean what his problem is; is he still mad about Pippi night? Luke tells Dean to feel free to punch him in the face if that will make him feel better. "Go back to your girlfriend," Dean snarls, adding a quiet "while you've got one." Luke asks what that's supposed to mean. Dean says it means that he and Luke have been in the same situation -- dating a Gilmore who wants "more than this. And all you are is 'this.'" Luke tells Dean to accept the fact that Rory grew up and moved on. Dean says Luke should accept the fact that Stars Hollow is all Luke is, and eventually Lorelai is going to get bored with it and leave him. "It's different," Luke says. "You and me. Same thing," says Dean, and he walks off, leaving Luke glowering with his arms folded. Nice bitter rant there, Dean, except that you and Luke are different, starting with the fact that Luke hides his hair under a baseball cap, something you might want to consider with that weird pointy wings hairstyle you're currently sporting.

Back at the Gilmore house, Rory is lying on her mother's lap on the bathroom floor. I shudder because, as I said before, I find bathroom floors disgusting. But I guess Rory is too drunk and wallowing in boy-rejection self-pity to care. She cries to her mom that she doesn't understand why Logan doesn't like her anymore. Lorelai strokes her hair. Rory sobs. We've all been there.

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Gilmore Girls




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