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Goodbye Twickham 2005

Rory tells her mom she'll try to make it home next weekend, hangs up, and walks out to the living-room area of her ridiculously well-furnished and gigantic dorm suite, where Paris is slumped in an easy chair listening to loud Sousa-esque music. "I just wanted to inform you that you're pathetic," Rory shouts over the noise. Wow, Rory is nice. Paris tells Rory that if she's pathetic, then Rory is even more so, because Rory is still in denial. About what, exactly? Well, it turns out that at some point during the hiatus between new episodes, Logan and Doyle lost interest in Rory and Paris, respectively. A major plot point that occurs off-camera? Am I actually watching 7th Heaven? I thought this show was supposed to be good.

Zack (as portrayed by Pamie's friend Todd Lowe, but who is not my friend Todd Lowe, and who shall thus be known as his original character name henceforth) and Lane stop by Sophie's Music, where the Carole King cameo tells Zack to invest in hand cream. Lane steps up to Sophie and babbles on and on about not owning too many records until Sophie tells her to get to the point. I'm not a big fan of Carole King's "acting," but I would be more than willing to have her on the show more if it means that she'll stop up some of these characters' diarrhea mouths. Lane's point is that, among all her mother's Christian albums, she managed to find one record of secular songs, and it was written by Sophie! Is it called Tapestry, by any chance? Sophie verifies that the record is hers, but doesn't seem to think it's a big deal. Lane, on the other hand, thinks it is a very big deal, and suddenly wants to be a songwriter herself, and wonders if maybe she could buy Sophie a coffee sometime and get some songwriting advice? The less-than-flattered Sophie replies that if she ever has a few seconds without anything better to do, she'll consider having coffee with Lane. "It's a date!" says Lane.

Lorelai enters the diner, where Luke welcomes her as the "woman of the hour" and Lorelai tries not to snap back at him that she is the woman of the year at the very least. The "couple" share a weak hug that Lorelai initially tries to pull away from. Luke's uncharacteristic excitement comes from the fact that some travel magazine wants to do a cover story about the Dragonfly Inn. Luke has taken the liberty of looking up a bunch of the magazine's back issues and has some opinions about which of its staff should interview Lorelai. Frederick Fairmount, for example, talks more about himself than the person he's supposed to interviewing. Which, when combined with an interviewee who will talk more about herself than the Inn, would mean that approximately three words of the article will be devoted to the Inn. But it's a moot point, since Lorelai's pretty sure you don't get to chose your interviewer. ["That observation marks the beginning and end of Lorelai's comprehension about how journalism works." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai changes the subject to a new newspaper-covered hole in the diner window, which Luke blames on Taylor without going into specifics about it. Then he realizes that they're late for the town meeting, which he's suddenly eager to attend, despite never having expressed interest in a town meeting before.

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