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Goodbye Twickham 2005

The first order of business at this town meeting is that Kirk still doesn't have a place to live. Apparently, this is the entire town's problem, but there is no solution as Kirk rejects everyone's offers of places to stay for one reason or another. There is no resolution, and Taylor moves onto the second order of business: Old Man Twickham left the town his home in his will. Kirk asks whether Twickham's death bed is still available. At Luke's prompting, Taylor adds that the house and some of Twickham's stuff are to be made into a museum for two months. After that, the house will be "disposed of" at the discretion of the head of the historical society, who just happens to be Taylor. Luke makes a disappointed sound, and Taylor snaps at him. Luke apologizes, and Taylor says he would have liked to hear that apology earlier in the day when Luke tried to kill him. "What?!" says Lorelai, who is the only person with an appropriate reaction. Everyone else is just sitting there, like allegations of attempted murder are common in Stars Hollow. ["Since you don't watch the show, let me school you: when Taylor is involved, allegations of attempted murder are common in Stars Hollow." -- Wing Chun]

Taylor ignores Luke and asks for some strong, able-bodied volunteers for the museum project. Several people raise their hands, although a strong, able-bodied man in the front row does not. What's his problem? Give a little to your town, man. Seeing Luke among the ranks of volunteers, Taylor pissily asks him not to mock them with his fake volunteering, but Luke protests that he actually is volunteering, much to Lorelai's surprise. Taylor sheds some light on those previous attempted-murder allegations, saying that Luke threw a frying pan at Taylor for playing his Muzak too loud. "Who doesn't love Muzak?" Taylor asks, setting himself right up for Sookie's response of "music lovers." Luke says that the pan slipped out of his hand by accident. Taylor says that accident just happened to occur right after Luke said "you better duck, Taylor, because I'm going to throw this frying pan at your head." That is pretty incriminating for Luke. Lorelai's just mad that she missed Taylor's getting things thrown at him, telling Luke she hates him. Lauren Graham said that much more convincingly than she performed that earlier hug. Meanwhile, I hope Stars Hollow isn't so small that it doesn't have an anger-management group Luke can join. I mean, I don't like Muzak either, but I wouldn't try to decapitate someone with good cooking equipment over it.

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