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Goodbye Twickham 2005

Taylor moves on to other town matters, as he is apparently running this meeting even though, last I checked, Jackson was the town selectman. I guess he stepped down after all? Lorelai asks Luke why he's volunteering for the museum; Luke says that Old Man T was "like a dad" to him, and he didn't get a chance to see him before he died. Great job being like a son, there, Luke. I hope he at least bought a foam finger. Luke says he feels guilty and wants to "do right" by Old Man T by working on the museum. Lorelai totally buys this. Meanwhile, Taylor tells Kirk that if he builds an igloo to live in and the snowplow runs over it, they will not leave Kirk's corpse in the snow. Good to know.

Taylor is surprised to see Luke at the first day of museum-building, but lets him inside for the meeting. Kyle, who is apparently missing a hand, quips that he's "lending a hand" for the project. "Ha, ha, good one," Luke says, "but it was funnier on Arrested Development." Taylor starts the meeting with some "fun t-shirts" for everyone that he had made up at what I'm assuming is the same place that made Kirk's souvenirs, judging by the identical font. Everyone gets an orange shirt that says "Stars Hollow Museum Crewmember" except Taylor, whose shirt is bright red and has a "foreman" label, because he's Taylor. He makes everyone in the circle hold hands and close their eyes and envision some freckle-faced boy enjoying the museum they are about to build. Luke gets stuck holding hands with Taylor and Kyle's hook, and Kirk tells on Luke for having his eyes open, at which Luke fires back that that means that Kirk is peeking, too. It also means that Kirk is mentally five years old. Taylor calls an end to the visualizing and tells everyone to move boxes -- except for Luke, whose hand Taylor does not release despite Luke's increasingly insistent requests that he do so. Taylor says he won't let go until Luke tells him what's going on; he hated Old Man T. Luke says that Lorelai asked him to do this and get involved in community things, and Luke wanted to oblige her and make their relationship stronger after the "rough patch" they went through. This, of course, is a lie, except for the part about the rough patch. Hmmm...I wonder what Luke is up to? Anyway, Taylor eats the lie up, just like Lorelai did, and asks Luke to be his "right-hand man." Luke asks for his right hand back first.

Lorelai's getting interviewed. Sandra the reporter asks Lorelai which room in the Inn is her favorite, and Lorelai says it's a tie between the library and the kitchen. Sandra agrees that both rooms look great, and asks Lorelai who her designer was. Lorelai answers that they went through several, so really, the credit goes to Lorelai herself. And, to a lesser extent, Sookie. And the town, which was supportive. Sandra says that she does feel a sense of warmth and hominess here, and then, out of nowhere, says this must reflect Lorelai's upbringing. Lorelai snickers at this. "Childhood wasn't so warm and fuzzy?" asks Sandra, happy to get a real story out of this boring-ass inn. Lorelai ["and at this point, I yelled, '"OFF THE RECORD"' at the TV, but Lorelai did not hear me" -- Wing Chun] says that it was not, and that her mother is worse than Mussolini and Stalin. Sandra laughs and thinks about the fabulous launching point this will be for her journalism career as Lorelai gets hit with a Rational Thinking Lightning Bolt and says she won't talk about her mother anymore. But the effect wears off, and Lorelai is soon telling a story about the time Jimmy Carter got a bigger hotel room than her mother. Sandra takes copious notes.

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