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Goodbye Twickham 2005

Taylor's performing his supervisory duties, and scolding Luke for not giving a confirming "check" to answer Taylor's "check?" Luke says it should be enough that he is writing the check marks down, but it isn't to Taylor. Kirk and Kyle walk in with a mannequin, all giggly that the mannequin has a butt or whatever, like, why do they look thirty when they're actually ten?

Taylor walks over to Gypsy, who is in charge of cataloguing Old Man T's stuff. She says she found a letter from George Washington, in mint condition. Luke runs over and grabs it away from Gypsy, because he's kind of rude, and says that this letter is dated 1944 and mentions Jack Benny, so it's not very authentic. And if it's supposed to be a fake, it's a pretty poorly-researched one. Taylor says they can put the letter in the "to be displayed" pile and get it authenticated later. Luke says it should go in the "maybe" pile, and that there has to be better stuff than this to display. Taylor says Luke is right to reach for excellence, and tells Luke and Gypsy to "liaise" about catalogued items and leaves. Taylor is totally the guy who says "liaise." Luke starts the liaising, only to be interrupted by Kirk, coming in the house with another mannequin, who says that Taylor wants to see him in his office.

Luke enters Taylor's office, which is housed in a portable trailer. I hope that museum makes some serious revenue to cover Taylor's ridiculous expenditures. Taylor asks Luke to sit down, and says that, in the future, Luke should not disagree with Taylor in front of the crew. "I was humiliated," Taylor says of WashingtonBennygate. Luke tries to protest, and then gives up and says he will agree with Taylor about everything from now on. Whatever Luke is up to, it must be really important for him to put up with this. Taylor sends Luke out to liaise with the carpenter.

Luke goes outside, where Kirk and Kyle are making mannequin torsos fight each other. Ten years old. Kirk points Luke in the direction of the carpenter's Dean.

Paris has moved on to watching beach party movies during her pity party. Rory walks through with her weekend bag packed, and Paris says it's sad that everyone in this beach party movie is dead by now. Rory points out that the movie was made in the '60s, so not everyone is dead. Paris says that if they're not dead, they're old, and probably have osteoporosis and can't dance without breaking their bones, and that is also sad. I'm sure there's a joke about Annette Funicello somewhere here, but I'm not going to make it. Paris notices that Rory is on her way home for the weekend, and asks if she's finally realized that things with Logan haven't been going well after all. Rory quickly exposits that after a "good two weeks," Logan stopped calling her. But she's going to go home instead of wallow in it like Paris. Paris says she doesn't want to wallow; she wants to leave for the weekend, too.

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