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Goodbye Twickham 2005

Lorelai, Rory, and Paris greet a large woman at the museum. For a while there, I thought they were calling her "Fatty," and that Lorelai, Paris, and Rory were really mean, but it turns out that this character is Miss Patty. Miss Patty says admission to the museum is three dollars, and includes a glass of punch. Lorelai begs off the punch, saying she'll think about having some after eating a loaf of bread and a package of Saltines, so alcoholic is Miss Patty's punch. Lorelai goes inside, leaving Rory and Paris waiting for Lane. Paris gives Rory her phone so she won't be tempted to call Doyle. Lane soon shows up, looking angry. "I don't want to talk about it," she says. "Well, we're a fun group," says Rory. Hey, it's always a party when Rory's around. Paris grabs a cup of the punch. Rory and Lane follow suit. If Miss Patty's punch is really that strong, shouldn't it be, like, more closely guarded so that underage kids such as Rory, Paris, and Lane don't drink it?

Luke gives Lorelai and Sookie a guided tour of the museum, which includes letters to and from people who are distantly related to famous people, a forty-eight-star flag, and that troublesome cannonball, which went from being a hundred pounds a few scenes ago to being so heavy that it went through the floor and down into the basement. ["Seems like Luke wouldn't want to buy a house built with such shoddy workmanship (spoiler!)." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai and Sookie are given flashlights to shine down through the giant hole it left. Sookie loves it. Taylor's voice comes over the PA, saying that the audio/visual display will begin in five minutes.

Outside, Lane, Paris, and Rory are sitting around a table, their punch cups empty. Rory and Paris both have second cups, and I hope they paid for another admission, because otherwise, that's stealing. Lane, her tongue now loosened, tells Rory and Paris how Zack lied to her, and Rory and Paris can't believe it. Everyone slurs their words, so trashed are they after just one cup of Miss Patty's punch. Miss Patty's punch has two ingredients: grain alcohol, and red food coloring. Anyway, Lane thinks that Zack is cheating on her with Sophie, which at first I thought was totally ridiculous, but then, Zack and Sophie were about as affectionate with each other as Lorelai and Luke seem to be, so maybe it isn't. Lane stands up and announces that she is sick of this, and storms off to yell at Zack. "She walks funny," says Paris. "I'm thirsty," says Rory, who, unlike Paris, is not paying any attention to Lane whatsoever.

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