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Box Of Letters

At the courthouse, the judge is also looking over the letter. It's time to read it into the record. We cut back and forth from the courtroom to Christopher at the CrapShack, hearing the judge's voice crosscut with Lorelai's voice-over. The letter is quite moving. In it, Lorelai says that she is a single mother who raised her daughter by herself, and that throughout Rory's life, Luke has been there as a father figure to Rory. Lorelai says that Luke should be given the opportunity to be a father to April, since he will be a great one: "Once Luke Danes is in your life, he is in your life, forever." She goes on to say that Luke's presence in her life has been an amazing gift, and that to deny him contact with April would be wrong. Luke, hearing the judge read, smiles softly to himself, touched.

Not smiling? Christopher. When Lorelai arrives home after her pregnancy walk with Sookie, she finds Christopher sulking in the kitchen. "I read your letter," he says. She explains that it's not really a letter; it's just a character reference. "Reads like a letter," he says, flatly. "Almost like a love letter." What? No it doesn't! Lorelai is also confused, and tries to say again that she wrote it as a favor to Luke to help him with April's custody thing. Christopher, though, is not having it: "You know what? Before you go through your list of excuses, let me just ask: is our marriage, for you, basically just marking time?" UGH! HATE. Lorelai tries to protest, but Christopher just gets more angry. "'Always been there'! 'Always will be there'!" he angrily quotes from her letter. Lorelai tries again to make him see reason: she says she knows Luke well, and that it makes sense that he should ask her to write a character reference for him. Chris is ridiculously mad, like a petulant child: "I can't believe I just had coffee from his place!" he says, as if the coffee brought by Sookie was proof of anything. Lorelai's face is so pained as she tries to tell Christopher he's acting crazy. "I've got a right to know!" Christopher brushes her off. "I know you, Lor. I know you're not done with him." Finally, Lorelai sighs: "I have a history with him, yes. I was engaged to him, but I married YOU." I am sure she's wondering just why she did that, especially when Christopher demands that she tell him she's not in love with Luke. "I am not in love with him," she says, looking right in Christopher's eyes. And this is where any non-abusive, non-asshole husband would gather his beautiful wife in his arms and apologize for being King Dick, but you know, Christopher is five years old. He gets all "I knew it!" again, saying that her feelings for Luke must have been the real reason she didn't want to leave Stars Hollow or have a baby with him immediately. Lorelai is dumbfounded and desperately tries to get him to listen to her -- "I love YOU, I love YOU," she insists -- but he won't believe it. "I can't handle this," he says. "I thought I could handle being your second choice, but I can't. I can't be your rebound. I'm sorry." Leaving Lorelai standing there, calling after him, Christopher walks out of the house.

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