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Wedding Bell Blues

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Wedding Bell Blues

The bachelorette party is cute, featuring all the women from Stars Hollow Emily doesn't know. My only complaint is that there is not enough Lane, and MamaLane is not there at all. That ain't right. We do see a minute or two of Rory and Lane trying to explain to Kyong just what is going on that night, and of course they can't explain it, because it doesn't make sense. This scene kind of made me love Rory. I just thought she was cute in it, okay? Don't freak out.

Miss Patty asks Emily to tell everyone about this wedding she's having (to which none of those gathered are invited). Emily explains that it will be fabulous, and asks Lorelai to confirm. Lorelai does, even adding that it will be "ab-fabulous, sweetie darling," and her mother laughs further and says that she finds her daughter to be so funny, even though she never understands a word she's saying. "But she's so entertaining! Like a chimp!" Then she asks Gypsy to confirm that Lorelai is like a chimp. Gypsy asks that Lorelai arrange it so Emily not speak to her anymore. Lorelai: "If only I had that power."

God. If only she DID. Because…a chimp?! Will no one smack Emily in the mouth? I guess not, because she continues to rant on about how great everything will be at this party (to which none of these people are invited, I'll say it again), and how her dress, which she just said an hour ago was made by a crack whore, is incredible. "The woman who made it is a genius." Lorelai and Rory roll their eyes at each other and rightfully so. Another lengthy discussion goes on about how they have ripped the room away from the Sheldrakes and how stubborn and selfish said Sheldrakes were for daring to try to have their party in Emily and Richard's chosen room. After Lorelai presents her mother with a re-gift box of Penis Pasta, Emily blessedly goes upstairs and passes out, snoring. Praise God. Now would be the perfect time to smother her with a pillow, but they don't.

However, Lorelai grabs up Emily's planning book containing her fancy seating charts for the wedding dinner, and gets down to some hijinks moving people around: "Oh, the Ramseys' divorce must be legal by now -- time for a little reunion!" Rory looks over her shoulder, sees Logan's name on the seating chart, and muses that it maybe it was a little mean of her grandparents to oust the Sheldrakes across town to another club. Huh, Rory. May-be.

Her mother explains that her parents can justify such behavior to themselves because they are rich snobs who live in a world of entitlement and feel like they can do anything they want with no consideration for the feelings of others. Rory starts to look uncomfortable, probably because she can see the off-camera anvil of irony about fall on her mom's head. Lorelai goes on to compare such behavior to that of the "Life and Death" brigade Rory wrote about in the Yale paper. Rory gets her back up about this, because now Mama's talkin' about her man, and calling him selfish, and she throws down a little, accusing Lorelai of reading whatever she wanted to into the story, and saying, "Just because you have money doesn't automatically make you a jerk!" Lorelai says she didn't mean it like that, and an awkward silence falls. They agree to change the subject.

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