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At the Inn, Sookie is trying to rally the troops in the kitchen. "We'll show 'em, guys," she tells her cooking staff. "You don't need fancy stuff on stoves in order to make a delicious meal!" She lists out a variety of raw foods they'll be serving, including beef carpaccio, and tuna carpaccio and...vegetable carpaccio. She finally turns and grabs Lorelai, begging for her stove. "I'm dying, here!"

Richard arrives with the insurance adjustor, and gets the inspection underway. He apologizes for delays with their claim, and says they'll receive a check today for the repairs. Sookie excitedly goes to call Tom to come over and start. Lorelai sees a chance, after an awkward pause, to get her digs in. She asks Richard how his "big plan" is working out for Rory. "Is she back at Yale?" she asks, and when he hems and haws, she goes in for the kill. "Let me guess," she says. "You're going to trick her into going back?" Richard continues to avoid the argument, until she asks if he's seen "that family of Logan's recently. The...Hamburgers?" He corrects her, in frustration. "Right, right," she says. "Are they doing any better after that night they humiliated your granddaughter?" Richard insists that the Huntzbergers did not humiliate Rory -- that they are fine people with nothing against Rory. "Well, then," Lorelai says, "that granddaughter of yours. What a liar." Richard has had enough and rushes the inspector out.

In the pool house, Rory is meeting with her assistant and the event vendors to make arrangements. I hope this is happening, like, hours after that DAR meeting, because the stuff she is asking for would be hard to come by in a few days' time. She wants good, solid dinnerware, and off-white tablecloths. She also wants a color photo of the Hollywood Canteen, but hasn't been able to find one. "The Getty, in California, has one in their collection," Lacey says, "but they're very flaky on the phone." Rory rolls her eyes. "Oh, California," she says. "So over the west coast," says one of the vendors, who looks like Jon Cryer. "A bunch of granola heads," Rory agrees. Ha? I think I get that the writers are trying to make a little joke on themselves, seeing as they live in California but, well, I have a scary story for you, Palladinos. I received an email after the broadcast of this episode from a Getty librarian. They were all so excited with that "sexy librarian" comment Logan made last week, and everything, and now this? They're pissed, and they are watching you. You hear me? THE GETTY LIBRARIANS ARE WATCHING YOU. Sleep with one eye open, and look out for falling Frank Lloyd Wright biographies.

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