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Dinner is also going on at The Grandparents'. Richard is expounding on the theory of Mortimer Adler that one must read the great books at least three times to comprehend them fully. This is a conversation Rory would normally take interest in, but tonight, she is distracted. Richard asks what she's been reading lately; he keeps forgetting to ask. Instead of answering, she picks up her cell phone to text-message Lacey about some event details. I guess it would be too much for Rory to tell her grandfather that the only thing she's been reading lately are the labels in Logan's underwear. Emily asks whether Lacey has ordered partitions, since the room where the fundraiser will be held is so large. The partitions will help cut the room to make it look smaller. Rory says they won't have any need for partitions, since the event is now sold out. They're having to turn people away, Rory says. The Grandparents are very proud.

Back from commercial (and seriously, how bad does that Family Stone movie look? I am sick of these "insecure person meets their lover's parents" movies), Rory is taking charge at the event site, seeing to last-minute details. She is rattling off directions for various things to Lacey when she turns and realizes the assistant is no longer behind her. "Lacey?" she calls, to bring Lacey running to join her. "Come on honey, keep up." UGH. Shut up, Rory! I was with you until that. God. She continues on, urging the decorators to be careful with a huge picture of Betty Grable, because "Betty's life was tough enough." Sad but true. Poor Betty. Rory and Lacey make their way into the kitchen, where Rory finds Paris, who excitedly reports that she has just clocked in. "They gave me this card," she says, "and it had my name on it, and I shoved it in the clock thing. It made this punchy sound, and I'm officially on the job." She goes on to say that she was nervous about making small talk with her new coworkers, so the previous night, she went out and rented Working Girl and the first season of Just Shoot Me to prepare. "Got a couple of Wendie Malick bon mots that have already come in handy." Random, but funny. Rory goes to welcome all the servers. She tells them they've all come highly recommended by the catering manager, and Paris interrupts to nod to Rory and to agree that the group looks good. Rory gingerly has to suggest that Paris go and stand with the rest of the servers. "Right!" Paris agrees, "I'm one of them." Rory thanks everyone again and sends them off to get ready. As they leave, Paris tries out one of her rehearsed phrases, turning to a server: "So, working hard, or hardly working?"

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