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In the woods, Luke sits alone in front of his campfire. He looks lonely.

Back at the DAR event, Richard is chatting up a lady at their table, telling her his father was a huge Benny Goodman fan, and hated Glenn Miller: "Always claimed it wasn't the enemy who shot down that plane of his, but music lovers." Yes. Before there was a Beatles vs. Stones debate, there was Goodman vs. Miller. Everyone is extremely pleased with how Rory has planned the event. They love the food, love the music, love it all. Ah, but there's a fly in the ointment. Lacey rushes over to tell Rory that Shira Huntzberger, Logan's mom, has shown up without a reservation. Rory says she'll handle it, but is none too pleased. She stomps into the kitchen, where she finds Paris, who is riding high on the sweat of the people. "Karl Marx has really come alive for me today," she tells Rory. "I didn't know what he was yammering about before, and now it just seems so obviously wrong that those who control capital should make their fortunes off the labor of the working class." You go, Norma Rae. Paris notices that Rory has a troubled look, and asks what's wrong. Rory starts ranting about the behavior of Mrs. Huntzberger. Rory hates her: "Sheer, unadulterated, aaargggh!" Paris is impressed. "Wow," she says. "You're always so Desmond TuTu-y. This is refreshing." Rory rants further: "How can she expect a table?" she asks, incredulous. Paris says she bets the Romanovs never RSVPed either. "They got theirs, capitalist scum!" Heeee! I love this scene. Rory says again that she hates Mrs. H. Paris says she hates her too, and that she hates the rich, in general. "A hard rain is gonna fall," she says, and I slide off the couch, because Paris referencing Bob Dylan is my favorite thing that's ever happened on this show. Rory says she has a spare table that they kept open for this reason, and should probably give it to Mrs. H., even though she doesn't deserve it. "This is business," Rory says. "It's not personal." She sucks it up and goes out and makes nice with Mrs. Huntzberger, who is a huge megabitch, just like her darling baby boy. They have some fake chit-chat and I want to throttle Rory for not telling her off, especially when Mrs. H. says that Lacey was a bit rude, but Rory does handle it well, without stabbing anyone in the eye, which would be justified. She shows Mrs. Huntzberger to the extra table and walks away with a hidden snarl.

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