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Will You Be My Well-Meaning Buttinski?

Rory and Lorelai are interrupted by Zach, coming out to suggest the cutting of the cake -- "Lane's got that low blood sugar look in her eyes," he says nervously -- and Rory heads inside. Lorelai lingers a moment to look at the pictures they've posted on the bulletin board, especially a precious one of a tiny Rory and Lane. Suddenly, Lorelai hears a voice over her shoulder. "Seems like just yesterday she was taking up three tables at the diner with those huge books of hers," says Luke about Rory. "She was somethin'. IS somethin'." STOP with the CRYING. Man, maybe I AM pregnant. WITH A CUPCAKE. Lorelai tells Luke that she heard about him selling his boat, and he reveals that that's not the whole story; as a matter of fact, as soon as he sold it, he went out and put a down payment on a new, more amazing boat -- one he can keep at the marina and use to take long boat trips with April. Lorelai is amazed. "I can't believe you bought a boat in day," she says. "It used to take you a week to buy a t-shirt." Luke: "Yeah, well. Things change." They share a look that I can't interpret, and go inside, where Rory is wheeling out the cake. And while Zach and Gil rock a duet of the classic "Mockingbird," Lorelai looks wistfully at her daughter and her friend and smiles.

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