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Will You Be My Well-Meaning Buttinski?

At the CrapShack, it looks like a baby blue bomb has gone off. Lorelai finishes up the necessary decorating while Sookie loafs in a chair, reading an old issue of In Touch. "Oh, Brad and Angelina had their babeeeee," she says, before flipping to the front to see that this happened months ago. She's also alarmed to see pictures of Britney driving with her son on her lap, and wonders, "What is she doing with that guy?" Lorelai points out that, in fact, Britney and her man recently broke up. "Though it turns out," Lorelai adds, "he was kind of a stabilizing influence in her life. Who knew?" Siiiigh. Seriously. Britney, please call me. I have got your real comeback totally planned out. Sookie totally has Pregnant Lady Brain and can't pay attention to anything Lorelai's saying, though she does admit that the party banner, which originally said "It's a BOY!" is now even cuter after its editing to "It's a BOYS!" Lorelai gives her the easy job of going through a box of pictures to try to find one of Lane that Rory can blow up for the party. Sookie says comes across a photo of Rory: "I just can't believe this widdle girl might be working for The New York Times!" Lorelai says she's not widdle anymore. She decides to call Mrs. Kim for the good Lane pics, and has to coerce Sookie to hand over the phone, which she is using as a bolster to press on a knot in her back: "Did I mention I was pregnant?"

Later that night, Rory is awakened by a crashing sound in the dark: it's Logan, coming home drunk in the middle of the night. "Go back to bed," he slurs, apologizing for waking Rory, and struggling to figure out how to make a sandwich. He says he's been at work, after which he and Philip got bombed. Matt Czkrskzr, or however you spell it, is awesome at playing drunk, I must say. He wrecks the sandwich-making process, is sort of hilarious complaining about the bread in the refrigerator, pisses Rory off even more when she says she tried to call him four times before she went to sleep, and then refuses the offered sandwich before finally flopping on the bed, leaving Rory to fume. I hate to go on another tangent so early in the recap, but this reminds me painfully of this guy I dated when I was a freshman in college who once wiped out an entire wall of family portraits drunkenly "sneaking" into his mother's house three seconds AFTER he said to me on the front porch: "SHH. WE HAVE TO BE QUIET OR SHE'LL WAKE UP." I slowly backed out of the foyer and stood behind a tree in the yard where I would have gladly dug my own grave and interred myself in it before meeting someone's mother under those conditions.

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