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When they return, we learn that Lane's been put on bedrest. I'm glad, despite the inflatable weather balloon they have under her shirt, that they're at least showing a moment of reality in relation to a multiple pregnancy. A great number of women carrying more than one baby at a time have to go on bedrest or have other complications; it ain't an easy load to bear. Poor Lane is upset, despite Zach's and Lorelai's trying to cheer her up. "Just think of this as one long lazy Sunday," says Lorelai. "Yeah," adds Zach, "and I'm gonna hang out with you. Just like John and Yoko." None of this calms Lane, however, who blames it all on her mom. "We shouldn't have gone to the hospital," she says, and when Lorelai points out that they went because Mrs. Kim was worried about her, Lane rolls her eyes again: "Yeah, right. She's probably happy." Mrs. Kim irately asks why she'd be happy about this. "Because now I can't have my party," Lane replies. MamaKim chides that parties are certainly not the most important things to think about, but Lane says it's just that this party was going to be her last one. Lorelai asks why it has to be the last. "Because," Lane explains, "I'm about to be a mother." Lorelai: "Um, mothers can have parties." Lane sighs: "Not for themselves, for their children. She did everything for me. I'm going to be the same way." Mrs. Kim is touched. "You will have the party!" she announces. "Lorelai will figure something out." Lorelai smiles the smile of the damned.

Back in NYC, Rory is at Logan's apartment, in a rush, and pissed that Logan is lounging around and not ready to leave with her for Stars Hollow. She tries to make him go with her in the car, but instead, he makes her sit down and finally breaks it to her that his company has gone bust before it even got started. He's lost everyone's money -- his, his father's, the hot dog vendor's, the janitor's, everybody's. He tells Rory that there's a lawsuit that has come up against them that apparently has merit, and therefore they are all screwed. Rory doesn't understand why he hasn't told her about any of this if it happened weeks ago. "I don't know," he says. "I thought maybe I could fix it." Trying to encourage him, Rory says that they can find a way to make it work, but he sadly says no, there's nothing to be done: "This is huge." When Rory tries to Pollyanna him out of it again, Logan snaps, "This isn't something you can fix with a plucky good attitude and a can-do spirit." Aw. Logan has never watched this show, I guess, because hello, a can-do spirit is the answer to most every problem. Rory asks what his dad is saying about all of this, and when she finds out that Logan has been avoiding him, she tries to give a lecture on how Logan will have to talk to him eventually. "Rory," says Logan, "don't give me any grief about this. Any minute now, Mitchum is going to be busting through that door, telling me what a gigantic failure I am." Finally, Rory gets it. She tells Logan how very sorry she is about it all, says they'll get through it no matter what, and adds that she will rush back from the party as soon as she can, cake in hand. "No," he says, "you don't have to rush back." She tells him she knows, but that she wants to. But no, says Logan, he's not going to be there: he's going to Vegas with Colin and Finn. Rory's pissed. Logan can go to Vegas but not Stars Hollow? His assiness of old is creeping back. I knew it was too good to be true!

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