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Stars Hollow's First Annual Skank-Off

Rory's damn Prius drives up to Christopher's mom's house. The best thing about the Prius? Its sweet, sweet parking spaces. Never another car around for miles. And this is really funny, this shot here, because you can tell Alexis Bledel is nervous about hitting her mark with the car, not wanting to drive out of frame, so she's concentrating while trying to look like she's effortlessly driving, as she lets the car roll for about twenty feet before hitting the brakes. There are probably people at the front of the car, too, making sure the car stops before it rolls over the sandbags where the tires would be. Rory strums and las to the front door. She rings the doorbell. Christopher answers. Rory says she heard about his dad. Chris says he figured she would at the Friday-night dinner: "God, is today Friday?" Rory says she didn't realize how serious it was. She has brought a bag of cookies and milk. Christopher invites Rory in. Hope his mom isn't sleeping. Or mourning. Because someone's gotta watch the baby.

Later. Rory leaves. She gets in her car and calls her mother. What time is it? Rory confesses that Christopher came to her school yesterday, and that she felt awful for blowing him off. She reminds Lorelai that her father is human, and now that he's so isolated from them, he couldn't call when he was going through this. She tells Lorelai that she wants her to go visit Christopher: "Go. Please. I-I want you to." Lorelai says she's happy to hear that, since she's pulling up behind Rory's car right now. "Go," Rory says. "I'm taking off, so give him another hug for me." She tells Lorelai to remind Chris that Rory will be a babysitter if he needs one. Rory drives off. Lorelai pulls into the "spot."

Christopher opens the door to find Lorelai. The doorbell doesn't wake the baby or mourning mother, luckily. Lorelai hasn't brought milk and cookies, though. She's brought a bottle of tequila. Sorry, Mom, the kids are getting blasted in your living room tonight. Hope you don't mind the noise. We'll try not to be louder than your tears. Christopher's all, "You guys are something else." "We try," Lorelai says, pleased at the praise because even someone's death is all about her and Rory. Lorelai enters the house as I say, "Well, they're going to have sex." And from the other room, I hear Stee say, "I don't care."

Luke's. Lorelai has a big ol' tequila hangover. She complains that Rory's too loud and her voice is annoying and she's sipping too loudly. For some reason, the re-enactment is going to be during the day. On a Saturday morning. Lorelai apologizes for not being vivacious. Rory says it was in a good cause. Lorelai wants pancakes. She says she doesn't want to know if Rory's ever been this hungover, but if she has, Lorelai's sorry, and if she hasn't, Lorelai's sorry that Rory's life has been so sheltered. Lorelai slams her head to the table as Kirk runs in and loudly asks if anyone has seen Taylor. Lorelai covers her ears. Rory says they haven't seen him. Kirk moans and whines, says everything's fine, and then runs out of there. Lorelai groans that Luke needs to get over there so they can order before she "pukes." Rory asks if Christopher drank that much last night. Lorelai says he was "the pusher," making them drink more and more. Just like sophomore year. She says it was good. Now Rory seems nervous as Lorelai says she wasn't going to stay that long, but she doesn't think that Chris has that many friends anymore (surprise). Rory asks what time Lorelai got home. "Sun" is her answer. ["How did she get home if she was so wasted?" -- Wing Chun] Rory seems to be regretting sending her mother to a tequila lock-in. So when Luke comes to take their order, Rory gives the bad lie voice to say, "WE JUST WANT COFFEE BECAUSE MY MOTHER DIDN'T SPEND THE NIGHT WITH HER EX AND A BOTTLE OF TEQUILA!" Luke calls them easy and leaves. The girls immediately scheme on whether they should tell Luke about her whereabouts or not. Rory thinks it's better for Luke not to know. The girls leave to see the re-enactment, without drinking or paying for their coffee.

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