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Women Of Questionable Morals

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Stars Hollow's First Annual Skank-Off

Lorelai comes downstairs and gushes about how awesome it is that the re-enactors are meeting. Luke offers Lorelai coffee, which she declines. Might as well stop recapping right here, since this show doesn't even make any sense anymore. Lorelai's going on about snow as the re-enactors check out her whoreability. Luke tells her to walk out of there, but not to walk too sexily. Lorelai can't help flirting with them just a bit as she walks by. Andrew declares her to be "too thin." The grumpy one warbles that this isn't about his taste. Andrew says he's just trying to be historically accurate. He says that women were heavier back then, which I don't think is true. ["It actually probably was; it's not like they were eating a lot of protein and working out all the time." -- Wing Chun] "How 'bout your wife?" The Reverend asks the grumpy one, who responds: "You wanna sock in the nose?"

Emily's on the phone, making plans with someone, who I'm guessing is her sorta boyfriend, but I didn't catch his name last time. She is halted mid-conversation, however, when she sees a dog standing in the snow outside her back door. The dog is really cute, and is sort of just like, "Hey. I'm a scamp." Emily freaks out and asks "Gene" to hold on. She calls Richard on the other line.

Richard stops packing his briefcase and answers. Emily tells him there's a dog on the patio. "What? Emily?" Richard asks, confused. Emily asks if he got a dog. Richard says he didn't. Emily tells him she's inside and she needs him to do something. Richard can't see the dog from the poolhouse. She whines that the dog is looking at her. Emily tries to shoo the dog away. Richard appears, still on the phone, and walks over to the dog. Emily asks why he's holding a long, pointy object. Richard says she made it sound like it was a rabid beast, so he came prepared. Emily warns him not to get too close. Richard says he sees a collar, but no tag. He makes a few circles around the dog and decides they have to do something, since it's freezing outside and they can't leave the dog in it. Emily says that the dog can't come into the house. Richard's still upset that the dog doesn't have tags. Emily tells him to take the dog to the poolhouse, since that's why they have it. Richard: "We have a poolhouse for stray dogs? Love the innuendo, Emily." He says he'll take the dog. Emily thanks him, adding that she came out and the dog was just sitting there. Richard asks if it's a "he." Emily says she doesn't know. Richard says he can't get a visual from that angle. Richard clears his throat: "Dog! I want you to come with me. Come on, Dog!" And then the dog follows him, much to Emily's amazement. "Good job, Richard!" Emily praises. On the other line, Gene's all, "I wonder how much longer I'm going to be on hold."

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Gilmore Girls




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