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Stars Hollow's First Annual Skank-Off

Dragonfly. Lorelai bounces in and beams to Michel, "You know who just nipped at my nose? Jack Frost." Oh, shut up, Lorelai. Get over it. It's January. Michel: "You know who just nipped at my ear? Jack I-Don't-Care." Lorelai is very happy to see the inn covered in snow: "It looks like a postcard!" Michel says he hasn't been this excited since Madonna just dropped by Total Request Live. I love it when Lorelai suddenly decides to be a boss. It's so cute, like anyone actually would listen to her. She tells Michel that the floors are wet. Michel, who clearly runs this place, patiently explains to Lorelai that they don't have any mats. It's a long story that sounds like it's totally Lorelai's fault, and soon they will be looking at a very expensive lawsuit from someone slipping and breaking his neck on the wet floors. Michel tells Lorelai that the good news is there will now be fewer people to possibly slip on the floors, since the snow has made many of the guests cancel. Lorelai can't understand why the world wouldn't want to drive through the snow and leave their warm homes when snow is just so snowy and awesome. It's snawsome.

Snow! SNOW! LORELAI REALLY REALLY LOVES SNOW, Y'ALL. Her default web address when she opens a new browser? Did you know that based on National Weather Service records for 1961 through 1990, Rochester, New York averages 94 inches of snow annually and is the snowiest large city in the United States? Lorelai knew that. Her favorite movie? Smilla's Sense of Snow. Her favorite Hostess treat? Snowballs. Her favorite fake-rapper? Snow. Favorite band nobody's heard of? Snowden. Her favorite flake? Nope. She's her favorite flake. Michel advises Lorelai change their cancellation policy. Lorelai doesn't want to punish people for flaking (see?), because she thinks that's "too corporate." It's also going to be why you're "too bankrupt." Here's the thing. You've got a recapper here who grew up in the hotel industry, including working for a few hotels, both big and cracky. Here's the thing: you always overbook. Always. Because people always cancel. And you don't let them cancel, like, an hour before check-in. You can't run an inn that way. Maybe if Lorelai let SNOW have a room, then she could fill up the place with a snowman family, and Sookie could serve spaghetti and snowballs. And they don't even have to get cable, because you know they'll just watch snow. Heh. Michel says exactly what I just said, telling Lorelai that bankruptcy will be fun and different, too. Why doesn't she just let Michel be the front office manager, and she could be the owner, and then she can flit around like she wants to without actually annoying the people who work all day in that inn? Lorelai has no defense against Michel's logic, so she tells him to try to find mats. Hey, why don't you make a call, Lor? Or does your best friend snow think phones are lame?

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