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Lorelai buttons the flannel and steps downstairs. It must be a very quiet morning at Luke's, because she doesn't notice the restaurant is full of people eating breakfast until she enters the room. Everybody stares. A few cough. Lorelai backs away and heads upstairs.

"Well, I think people are gonna know," Lorelai tells Luke. Luke fakes sleepiness and asks Lorelai why she's wearing his shirt. Luke realizes that she walked into the open diner like that, and that people saw her. Luke says it's possible that nobody noticed. Lorelai: "Look at me!" Luke: "Well, you wear crazy outfits all the time." Lorelai: "They usually include pants." Luke says it's no big deal, and that everyone was going to find out eventually. They realize that they'll probably hear about it for the next six months, but agree that it's no big deal. Luke leaves to get Lorelai's coffee.

Paris brings out a stack of Asher's books and asks for more candles. Rory doesn't bother to put down her book for a second to help Paris with her wake, and instead tells her where the candles are, just like Emily would have wanted her to. Rory asks if she can help, so Paris hands her a stack of fliers. Rory looks shocked, since she wasn't actually offering to help, but was just going through the motions. Paris wants the entire school to know that there's a place to come and mourn Asher, who more and more is looking like he wasn't so important on the Yale campus.

Rory runs into the Douches outside her dorm room. One's named Finn, the other's Colin, and head Douche is Logan. They stand outside Rory's dorm room because Finn's sure the girl he's hot for lives in that room. Logan doesn't remember Rory, which she finds to be even ruder than the fact that they're disappointed that neither Rory nor Paris is the hot girl in question. Another disappointment in all the potential relationships for Rory is that she has two categories of boy: punks and pussies. Jess was a punk; Cute Dean's a pussy. Logan here's a punk; Marty, the pussy. Tristan's a punk; ...Rory needs to date more. And because of the two categories of boy, there are only two kinds of flirting conversations Rory has: either she dominates the conversation because she thinks she's so great and the boy is fawning over her, or he nitpicks her every snotty thought because he's some kind of "intellectual equal." Rory tells Logan that Asher died "last week," (give or take a week), and so they're throwing him a wake. Logan asks if Rory was fucking him. She's all offended, even though her roommate was doing just that. Rory tells Logan that Asher was an inspiration and great and wonderful. "You don't like me," Logan says. "You don't know me, but you don't like me." Rory reminds him that they've met before, and that she found him to be rude to Marty. She thinks that Logan talks to people like they're below him. I'd love to remind her about how she had a pair of moving men at her beck and call yesterday morning. Rory says it's not what he said to Marty, but how he said it. Logan asks how he said it. "Like Judi Dench," Rory answers. Logan says he was in the right, since he did hire Marty to do a job, and all he did was compliment the boy's bartending skills. Logan points out that Marty probably made good money that night, and was paid well for what he did, and since this is a free country, he can speak to anyone in any manner he chooses. He tries to debate Rory, but she isn't doing so well at it, so she backs off. Finn tells Logan he found the room, so Logan puts his hand dangerously close to Rory's breast as he tells her he promises to remember her next time. He adds: "Now tell me that wasn't fun." Rory doesn't say anything. Logan heads up the stairs and says, "Master and Commander." Rory: "The movie?" Logan: "No, that's what I want you to call me from now on." Rory says, "Ugh," and heads back into her room, not one flier hung.

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