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Town meeting. Taylor takes a vote to see who wins Gypsy v. Andrew (Lorelai votes both times). Gypsy is found at fault. "We have got to get a courthouse in this town!" Gypsy shouts. Taylor brings up the next issue. He wants to know what people think about the inn owner and the diner owner dating. The relationship they "all feared" for some time has happened, and he wants to know everyone's opinions on it. While many people have something to say, Taylor decides to start. Luke's diner is a staple in Stars Hollow, and the Dragonfly Inn, while newer, is still important. He thinks the commingling of Lorelai and Luke will only set the stage for disaster. Taylor says that the consequences when the relationship inevitably goes sour ("as, let's face it, most of Lorelai's relationships do") mean that you'll eventually have to choose to be a Luke or a Lorelai. It's bad for the economy and the town, so he thinks they should break up. He reminds the town about Faye Wellington and Art Brush. Faye owned a flower shop and Art owned a candy store. They fell madly in love ten years ago. It worked well for a while, until Art met Margie the fudge queen. The town split in half, and you could only buy flowers or candy, ruining Valentine's Day forever. Oh, how quirky this town is. I love how Lorelai doesn't know anything about the town she's lived in for sixteen years. Eventually, the hostility forced Art to move. "Faye never married," Babette says. "She stopped making candy. It was very sad." She means flowers. Lorelai realizes that the town has a point, and that this is as good a reason as any she's ever had to dump someone who loves her. Luke gets angry, and doesn't want to see the charts Taylor's made on the subject. Lorelai gets another cell-phone call, and since she doesn't really care about Faye or Art, and thinks maybe they'll be talking about not-her for another thirty seconds, she answers her phone. So rude. So Lorelai.

It's Emily. Richard came home at 8:30, went inside the poolhouse, got back into his car and drove away again. She doesn't know where he's traipsing off at all hours of the night. Emily is now in her own car driving around: "If he can go out then I can go out so I went out." She went to a place she used to eat in college and found it's now a lube and tune. Lorelai tells her to go home. Emily doesn't want to be the first person back. She wants him to worry about her. Lorelai says she'll call her later because she's busy, so she'll have to call someone else. Emily says that nobody knows about the separation but Lorelai and Rory, so she wants to meet for coffee. Lorelai tells her that she's busy with something important and Rory's at her dorm. Emily hangs up.

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