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Rory comes home to find Paris, who has moved things around and switched bedrooms. Now that Rory has the smaller room, she'll find she's also got less sunlight, and therefore at less of melanoma. Paris is in a black...pantsuit? Is that a pantsuit? Is the budget so blown on Rory and Lorelai that everybody else is wearing Goodwill clearance items? From Miss Patty and Babette, to those same suits Emily and Richard are always wearing, I'm worried about the state of fashion on this show. Because I've got nothing better to do for five seconds. Rory and Paris share an emotionless hug. Paris hangs up a picture and complains about Asher's granddaughter, and how she would have stuffed the casket in her purse, if she thought it was worth anything. Rory tells Paris she doesn't have to take care of all this. Paris says she wants Asher's memory to be respected. Rory. Call your grandfather! Asher left Paris his manuscripts, which Paris is happy about, but knows that once the granddaughter finds out, it'll be the "mountain girl trial all over again." I didn't know what that meant, either. Here. Paris tells Rory she wants to have a wake in Asher's their dorm room. Well, there's no body, but I guess they can still call it a wake. But shouldn't Paris try to move it to a better location? I mean, can you have a wake in a room with a MicroFridge? Paris gets a phone call from Asher's lawyer. She asks him, "I'm sorry, did you take the bar or just hang out in one?"

Lorelai leaves all pretty for her date (although I don't understand the ruffles of the shirt), and runs into pretty Luke, who was just about to pick her up. They have an awkward moment where they discuss how each one thought the other wanted to meet somewhere else. They head back to the truck. Lorelai tells him they'll get better at this.

So for their very first date, Luke has decided to take Lorelai to a bar, or at the very least, a Bennigans. Like a local Bennigans. And okay, but come on. I know Lorelai would prefer the noise, but she'd also rather be where there's a scene. This place is no scene. As they scoot into their booth (their booth!), Lorelai sounds impressed that there's a piece of paper that says "Reserved" jammed next to the salt, pepper, and ketchup. Lorelai asks if they're supposed to have someone who works there seat them. Those Gilmore girls sure are getting uppity as they get older. Lorelai asks if this is some kind of mafia thing -- his preferential, waiter-less treatment, and if they'll have to whack someone later. Luke says he filled his whacking quota for the week. They agree: Dirty!

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