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Being An Asshole Is Really Expensive

Lane and mfTL have gotten snugglier as their movie ended, a pizza half-eaten and a bag of chips destroyed in the interim. They chit chat about how nice the date was. Lane says she has to get up early for work tomorrow. MfTL walks Lane to her bedroom door, holding her hand. Lane opens her door to find Brian konked out in her bed. "This is bad news," mfTL says. "Once he hits his REM state, Motörhead wouldn't wake him." MfTL walks over to Brian, picks him up and flips him over his shoulder. This gives me an instant flashback to The Tower Massacre Musical, the night I watched Todd Lowe flip Jason Liebrecht onto his back...and then drop him on his head. The audience thought it was part of the show, and only later, when someone shouted from the back, "Call an ambulance!" did we know that Jason had hurt himself. So Jason -- who's covered in squibs because he's playing Whitman, so he's got all these guns all over him -- is taken to the hospital without his wallet, because it's in the dressing room, and everybody's dressed as murdered people and grackles and crazy, and are trying to tell the doctors that he's not a serial killer or a madman -- he's just an actor who was playing Whitman, and all the blood is fake, but that he really did get dropped on his head and that's why he's a little delirious. And I had to run across the street and do a comedy show, and between sketches my friends would run up and give the latest news on Jason. All of that came flooding back when I watched mfTL flip Brian onto his back. But this time mfTL leans over and kisses Lane, and it's a weird moment when I think about how far we all have come in the past five years, and how some of us are married with kids now, and most of us moved out here to L.A. or to New York, but that we all came from the same place and had such faith in each other back when we were performing some of our weirdest, most experimental things. And the director of that musical is the director of the show I'm doing next week, the same show we did back in February when Todd helped us haul furniture to the theatre, and once again we're auditioning for the Aspen Comedy Festival, as we did every year we were doing comedy in Austin. So as much as things have changed, it's remarkable how much has remained the same. Dude. I'm not even drunk and I got all nostalgic! Anyway, Todd gives Lane what looks like a pretty good kiss. They float to their rooms to the sound of strummy-strummy-la-la. I take a sip of my coffee, but it's not the same.

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