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Being An Asshole Is Really Expensive

Rory's consulting her notes as she writes her article. She gets a cell-phone call from Lorelai, who says, "Are you typing?" instead of "Hello." She says they agreed Rory wouldn't type while they talked. Heh, that's such a conversation of me and Mom, because she always calls when I'm working. She would argue that I'm always working, and that's why it happens that I'm usually typing when she calls. Rory says she has to break the rule this time because she's under deadline. Lorelai says she's off to Luke's to de-stress him after his "Unhappy Gilmore" outing. I bet they've been waiting years to use that joke. Lorelai asks Rory if men shave anywhere but their faces. Rory's grossed out, and says she's never lived with a man. Lorelai says she hasn't either. Rory asks Lorelai to tell Luke to put a diner near Yale, since she misses the burgers. How is that possible, when she's back in Stars Hollow every other night? Rory asks Lorelai if she thinks she's too scared: "Too timid? Do I take enough chances?" Lorelai says she does. "I'm not a mouse?" Rory wonders. Then there's a knock at her door, so she hangs up with Lorelai. Rory answers, and finds her camera and a bottle of champagne on the floor, wrapped up in a bow of strummy-strummy-la-la. Rory flips through her camera's pictures. Aaugh! There's a monster behind the camera! Oh, wait. I guess there's a gorilla mask on the floor, too. The last two shots are of Rory jumping off the scaffolding. Someone is very talented with a digital camera. Proud of her "incredibly brave" life risk, Rory smugly closes her door.

Next week, Dean realizes how Yale turns people into snobs.

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