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Being An Asshole Is Really Expensive

Rory wanders past the tables full of food to find Stephanie, who is glad to hear that Rory is using "e"s. A few hair flips and I refill my glass. Rory asks if Logan is the leader of the group. Stephanie tells Rory that they're an "anarchy collective," and that they don't recognize leaders. Right. Then Stephanie realizes that she shouldn't be talking to Rory at all, at least not with all of this information, but she's a little drunk and her lips are loose. I like Stephanie's voice. I don't, however, like Stephanie's fake hiccup. Rory flip, flip, flips her hair as Stephanie asks if she thinks Logan's cute. Rory admits that she does, but adds that she also has a job to do as a reporter. Stephanie leaves to go kill herself. I should mention now that it's the next morning and I'm no longer playing the drinking game and there's company coming in about six hours and I've woken up to discover that today's forecast in Los Angeles is thunderstorms. Fantastic. I'm not sure where I'm going to put all these people that were supposed to come here, or they all won't come because it's raining and I'll be eating cheese and crackers for the next month.

Rory heads back to the E group and asks if the safari theme is something they always do, or if they choose different themes. Great question, Rory. Couldn't you maybe do a page of research before infiltrating their group? E-Boy asks if he can quote Max Ernst, and then walks away.

Weird time cut to Rory alone in the dark writing in her notebook, far from the party she's supposed to be investigating. Poor Rory hates being not the center of all attention. Logan joins her, holding a lantern and a plate of food. Rory says she wanted a quiet place to collect her thoughts. She thanks Logan for the food, but Logan tells her it's for him. Logan apologizes for her not getting along with the group. He admits that it took arm-twisting to get them to let her come along in the first place. I'll say; that Rory's a total wet blanket. Rory says she doesn't need their cooperation, and that she's already filled two notebooks with her thoughts, including half a notebook without using the letter "E." Rory says that while this gathering is incredible, she knows it must be a preamble to the big stunt tomorrow. Logan's busy talking about how his food has too much salt on it, due to his Australian friend Finn. Rory asks a load of questions, including where they come up with the money for these stunts. Logan stares at Rory with a smarmy, impressed smile. He puts his salty food aside and says it's time to tell her the conditions of her being here. He takes her camera and says she'll get it back at the end of the trip. He tells her she can't use any names or descriptions, and that under no circumstances is she allowed to compromise the integrity of the event. In the background, the group begins to sing "As Time Goes By." If you can find thirty college-age kids who aren't in some kind of show choir who know all the words to that song, I'll give you a hundred bucks. Rory calls their singing pretty; Logan says they're drunk. So much underage drinking on this show these days. You kids stay out of my yard! And turn this recap down, it's too loud! Logan is called back to the group. He heads back with his arms out wide, doing his best Blaine impression.

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