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Con Men And Trotskyites!

Over at Yale, Chris sneaks out of the restaurant to rat out his daughter. He calls Lorelai, telling her about Rory's moving in with Logan. He is, he says, just trying to do the right thing as a parent, which I guess we're supposed to think is noble, or something, but I don't like him, so it isn't. Lorelai is upset, but takes it all right. Chris asks if he's supposed to hate Logan, but Lorelai says that he can feel however he wants about him. "Good, because...I think I like him," Christopher admits. "He's a cool guy. Great apartment. Funny." Lorelai rolls her eyes and says that Logan is taken. "Wow," she then sighs, and not in a great way. "Our little girl is living with her boyfriend." She and Chris try to let it soak in, but Lorelai gets another call.

Somehow, it's Rory, and somehow she's in her apartment even though her dad is still at the restaurant. Rory tells her that she gave her dad the tour today. "It was nice," she says. "He saw the campus. We had dinner." Lorelai says that all sounds very 7th Heaven. Rory says that she has news, and tells the story again about being made editor of the paper, and about moving in with Logan after being kicked out by Paris. Lorelai is thrilled to hear the former but not the latter. "Wow, big news," Lorelai says, attempting to sound cool about it. "Dad told you," Rory says, "didn't he?" Lorelai tells her not to be mad at Chris for telling, and Rory asks what Lorelai really thinks about her moving in with Logan. "I'm sorry," Lorelai says. "Do you remember what happened the last time I piped in with my opinions on your life choices?" Rory says that she really wants to know, and Lorelai says that, yes, she thinks moving in is a big deal, but that she can't really say, since she never lived with a guy, "and there's that whole thing about the cow and the milk's free..." Rory says that she does love Logan, and Lorelai sighs and says she wants Rory to be happy. Rory says that she is very happy. Lorelai congratulates her, in that case, and says she wants to hear all about what it's like to really live with a guy. "I have heard some horror stories about toilet seats," she says, "that you would not believe."

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