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At Yale, Rory is showing Christopher around. He says that, thus far on the tour, he has seen no one smarter or better than Rory. She smiles, until she sees two girls walk by and clock her dad. "It's the same way with Mom," she says. "I hate having hot parents." Whatever. Christopher, to me, loses a lot of hot points for being kind of a dink. They walk by a classroom where a professor is teaching Microeconomics. Christopher audibly snores, saying the guy is dull and clearly doesn't own an iron.

Later, in the cafeteria -- which looks like one of the common rooms at Hogwarts -- Chris says he wants to see Rory's place. No, no. He says he wants to see where his "kid" lives. Ugh. I think I've mentioned how over the word "kid" I am, right? The word has become so hipster, it hurts. They particularly love to sling it around on this show. Rory tries to put him off, saying that her place is pretty messy, but it doesn't really work.

We next see Chris and Rory disembarking the elevator at Logan's building. Chris is marveling at the lavish place, and says he even slipped the fancy doorman some cash to keep an eye on Rory. She says he doesn't have to do that, but Chris insists: "Are you kidding? I love slipping people money to do things!" Um, are they trying to MAKE us hate Christopher? Because...I do. And also, does anyone else hear the violin strains of foreshadowing? Pay close attention to those. Chris and Rory stop at the door, and Rory freezes. "You got a key," Chris asks, "or is it scanning your retina for access?" Rory sucks it up: "Dad, I have to be straight with you about something." She tells him about her weird day, starting with being voted editor, which was good, but being kicked out of her apartment by Paris, which was bad. "I had no place to go," she concludes. "So, I moved in with my boyfriend." Christopher is slightly taken aback. "You actually met him once," Rory continues. "At Grandma's vow renewal. He was the guy with the..." Chris interrupts: "When I walked in and you two..." Rory: "Exactly." Christopher deals with it as best he can, being the non-parent that he is, and says that they should open the door to "see what my daughter living with her boyfriend looks like."

Logan, to say the least, is surprised to see Chris and Rory there. Rory had tried to call him, she says, but he didn't hear the phone due to his headphones. None of this matters, of course, as Christopher's eyes bug out all around the room as he marvels at Logan's superswank abode. Logan shakes his hand like they're old golf buddies, and this faux-maturity just goes all over me. My dad would have knocked my own head off by now for moving in with a boyfriend. Actually, when I finally did do just that at AGE TWENTY-NINE, my mother pulled me aside and told me, in hushed, dramatic tones, "Your daddy CRIED today." Seriously, people. So I have no point of reference for this laissez-faire attitude about "kids" moving in with "boyfriends" and if any boyfriend of mine had had the audacity to slap my father's shoulder like they were long lost frat Lord, the apocalypse that would have taken place. Incidentally, we all still laugh about "my daddy crying today," because his untimely demise a very short time later unfortunately made it impossible for him to learn what a great guy I had just moved in with (and who I eventually married).

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