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Con Men And Trotskyites!

"I didn't mean to barge in on you like this," Chris says. "I just wanted to make sure my kid's got a decent place to live, that's all." Gross. They make awkward chit chat, until Christopher notices Logan's plasma television and asks him how he likes it: "I was thinking about getting the sixty inch for the bedroom." Those violins get a little louder and lead us over to Logan's side table, on which Chris notices a framed picture of Endicott Peabody. "Are you a Groton man?" he asks, full of surprise, and Logan says he was, briefly, but that he actually swiped that picture from the headmaster's office as he was being kicked out. Well, congratulations. And what an impressive thing to say to the man whose daughter you are now banging under your own roof. But, see, Chris is so "cool," he is actually impressed by this because, guess what? He was also kicked out of Groton. Why, how fascinating. They run down a list of the schools from which they were both booted, like it's the funniest thing ever, and are practically making out by the time Rory returns with Chris's soda. At this point, the violins should be so loud, you're covering your ears because...RORY IS DATING HER FATHER. Get it? I mean, if it hadn't been obvious before, they're nice enough to spell it out for us in this episode. "Rory," dear ol' dad says after Logan describes yet another of his petty crimes, "you've got a good man here." Rory cringes. "Interesting yardstick you're using," she says. They all decide to go to dinner together. "He's a cool guy," Chris says, as Logan goes to get his wallet. Barf. Rory tells her dad that she has not had a chance to tell Lorelai about any of this yet, and would like to break it all to Lorelai, herself. Chris understands: "You tell her. I'm going TV shopping." He can't even get out the door without commenting on Logan's Xbox. "Whoa," he says. "I'm totally moving in here with you, now."

In Lorelai's bedroom, Luke is looking over the handyman list she made with Michel. Luke's not happy about it. "Just look at is as a challenge," she says from the bathroom as she gets read for Friday Night Dinner. "Wow," he says. "Re-grout the tiles behind the sink basin." Lorelai says it's long overdue. "How can you tell?" Luke asks, incredulous. "Well," she says. "If you slide on your back, under the sink, and shine a flashlight up in the areas where the basin meets the's really obvious." Luke is not thrilled with this task, nor with the one that says to replace chocolate-brown contact paper in the cabinets with cocoa-brown paper. Lorelai laughs, saying that item was the result of a major sugar rush due to a second piece of cake. "I hate this list," Luke says, in what is perhaps the first instance of direct communication by anyone on this show. Lorelai says that she knows, but that she and Michel made the list together and that they bonded and that doing it will make Michel happy. "I don't want to make him happy," Luke says. Lorelai understands, but does not back down: "If Michel's happy, then I'm happy. And then I take all that happiness and give it right back to you, tonight. In bed. After you spend four hours with my parents. What do you say?!" Beaten, Luke asks if Parker can do the list, instead. "No," she says, and drags him out to meet his doom...I mean, "Emily."

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