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Book Of Virtues

Sarah returns to her office to find Stacy Keach there, looking spiffy in a black suit. He asks her if he cost her the motion (duh), then tells her that her words made an impact on him, and that he's going to start practicing law again. Lord help us. He asks if she could recommend him for a job at her firm. Talk to HR. Or just get him an interview? She says she doesn't think it's a right place for him: "It's stodgy, all about image." Image! Why, didn't she just say he looks spiffy? She says she can't recommend him; he's "way too eccentric, he's an alcoholic, [his] behavior is erratic." He insists that he's going to change. She says that if she recommends him, it'll undermine her own credibility. Stacy stands up, shakes her hand, and says it was "wonderful to know her." She says maybe they can get dinner sometime. My boyfriend walks by and says, "It's so great this got canceled already. David E. Kancelled. You have to use that." Yes, dear.

Far away Gretchen and Jeannie stake out the address from which the mysterious phone calls have been coming. Jeannie's all, is Boss-man molesting me? I don't know. Gretchen tells her to trust her instincts. Jeannie says she always rolls with the punches, and "all the punches are sexist." I'm not even going to touch that one. A gentle guitar starts plunking and Gretchen says, "If I hurt your feelings about the makeup...." Jeannie says she didn't. Was that an apology? I didn't think so. Just then, Jeannie's fly-boy boyfriend comes out of the apartment they were spying on. With a hot blonde. Jeannie and Gretchen watch, stunned, as the couple kiss. He gets into his car, and Jeannie peels out from the curb, speeding up and smashing his car door completely off the body of his car. She pulls up to the stop sign, gets out, and they stare at each other wordlessly. The guitar -- now with a weak pop voice -- keeps going. Jeannie gets back into her car and takes off. Gretchen looks at her like, oh, wow. And, scene. And, the end. Forever.

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