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Book Of Virtues

The ladies go to the reception desk, collect their messages, and head for the coffee station, only to be interrupted by various higher-ups requesting their presence. Oh, what a drag. What do the bosses want now? Jeannie heads off with her boss-man, and the other two women confer: did Gretchen talk to Jeannie about her excessive makeup? Gretchen thinks Jeannie's "toned it down." Sarah asks if Jeannie is stupid or something: "Now she's considering Botox!" Bitch Dyke Randa walks up and tells Jeannie that she's done a poor job with another legal memorandum -- too heavy on the legislative intent. Irrelevant unless the language is ambiguous, says Randa. Sarah says, "It's relevant when the law's been misapplied, Ran-DUH." They blink and snip at each other like it's a really personal issue. Randa tells Sarah to ignore the legislative stuff, adding that this motion is really "going to be [Randa's] moment," so she wants it to be perfect. She walks away and Gretchen and Sarah snipe, all, ooh, she's having a moment. I thought this kind of nasty backbiting and politicking only happened in advertising agencies, or on hospital shows like ER. On Ally, everyone had mental problems. What's this group's excuse?

Jeannie, still decked out in her Prada-circa-1996 knockoff coat, listens to boss-man tell her he wants her to go into court tomorrow, even though he's never seen her in action, so to speak, as it were. She takes the massive tomes and gets right on it, if you know what I mean.

Sarah goes up to her boss Miss Holt (who is busy with someone else) and cries that, even though she doesn't want to undermine "fellow associates," and admittedly she "has a history" with good old Bitch Dyke Randuh, she isn't sure she should go ahead and rewrite that brief leaving out the legal-intent stuff. She goes on and on, sharply and snippily, until Miss Holt breaks in and informs her that the judge on trial is "lazy" and "will only look at how other judges have ruled." So thanks for being such a major pest, and do what you were told the first time, Sar-UH. Sarah rolls her eyes and neck like a roller coaster. Look out, young lady. If you don't watch out, your acting chops will freeze that way. Just look at Katie Holmes.

Gretchen Mol is shocked (shocked!) to learn that she's being sued for malpractice. Yes indeed, says Giancarlo Esposito. The dead guy who was sexually infatuated with her had a sister, and she's pissed off. Gretchen will be represented by the guy that formerly was the rat-like principal at Sunnydale High, Armin Shimerman. I love that guy! Edmund is his name in this stupid show. As Gretchen stands there, stunned and impotent, Edmund rattles off the legalese. He wants to have a deposition, then move for dismissal or settle for a nominal fee, then counter-sue for something or other. He turns to Gretchen and warmly says, "This'll go away in a jif." Heh.

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