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I imagine the contestants were in awe because Season 2 of The Glee Project is really pulling some big names. I can't believe it either. Dianna Agron tells the contenders to allow themselves to be affected by the people in the scene with them. Oh, don't worry, Dianna, if there's one thing these actors have down it is being affected.

Robert has a twist, though, for this week's performance. It's sort of some bullshit high school theater improv type of challenge. He has flash cards of emotions that Dianna will be holding up and they'll have to sing like that emotion. It is such a dumb challenge that it makes me feel ... flashcard ANGRY. I'm also feeling grumpy about having to see these kids Act with a capital A all episode.

The first flashcard reads "Determined," and Michael squints his eyes real good. The next emotion is "Scared" and Lily widens her eyes, but Michael keeps squinting his so now I guess I'm "Confused." Blake's emotion reads "Angry," and I was glad he didn't just start yelling and holding up a fist. Aylin's emotion is perhaps the worst yet: "Anxious." Then I got even angrier as we had to watch Ali act out "Excited," which ended up looking more like Crazy.

"So good," Dianna Agron says, not acting very convincingly. Dianna thought Michael was good, Lily should have gone bigger, Blake is sexy, Aylin was good, and Ali was "a ball of light." This challenge can go suck an egg. It's between Michael and Ali, and Michael wins the one-on-one. No really good reason why, but he probably needs it the most. The video this week will be "Perfect" by Pink.

Because this week is about acting at a level that is at least good enough for Glee, the video will be a movie trailer. Blake and Michael high five over this, which confuses me because what does that even mean? Why would you be so excited that the video is a fake movie trailer? Stop being so excited, you guys, it is really rubbing me the wrong way.

"It's a trailer for a movie that doesn't exist, obviously, called 'Perfect,'" Robert explains. Obviously. But there go all of Michael's dreams for pretend-starring in Precious. They will play a group of high school kids in a small town. Aylin will play a Turkish girl from a conservative family who is seeing the quarterback and she is also pregnant. This is already a movie I would never want to see. Blake will play the quarterback, of course, who is actually "not really a nice guy." Whoooaaaa there, Dianna, cool it with the tough acting challenge. What's next, Michael has to pretend to be in love with Blake?

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