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Almost. Michael is also a football player, just like he would be on the show because Ryan Murphy doesn't know about any other sports, who is in love with Aylin's character. Ali is Michael's sister who wanted to be an Olympic Runner (not just any runner) whose dreams were crushed when she was injured. Lily will play the girl who was driving the car when Ali was injured. Not all acting challenges were created equal.

There is no choreography this week, so Robert tells them to really focus on their characters. Oh yes, they're going to do some deep character studies with these complex biographies they've been given. I bet their characters still have the same names. Then Robert reveals that Erik will ask them to improvise short scenes while they're on the shoot. Ugh, how horrible. I can't stand it. I seriously don't think I can stand to watch these people improvise dramatic scenes while trying to prove that they can act.

Vocals with Nikki were going as poorly as could be expected, but I had to take a break when Lily started to cry. She act-spoke the line, "why do I do that" so convincingly to herself, that it shook her to the core, evidently.

"I think I'm beautiful and that's all that should matter," Lily admitted to Nikki. I can't with all these emotions and acting and all the trying.

Wait, why is Michael in a wheelchair? Where is Ali? You can't just show me a shot like that and move forward like it's just any other Erik White video shoot, Glee Project. But they keep doing it, giving us glimpses of Lily carrying Ali around on her back, and Michael running really fast. For the first improvised scene, Erik gives Lily and Ali the titular lines: "You were perfect," "I am perfect." The rest is up to them, so you know it will be some really quality dialogue.

Lily: So ... how's it going?

Ali: I'm good.

Lily: How are you feeling? Does anything hurt?

Ali: Um, no, I'm like, on a lot of meds, so I'm not in too much pain. How are you?

Lily: I'm OK.

Erik: CUT. Get to the point.

The second scene is much more overwrought. Lily "went there," but went too far and forgot to say "you were perfect." Zach thinks Lily was good, but Robert notes that Lily is making it all about her, and Ali is not being allowed to engage in the scene. Good eye, Robert.

The next scene is between Aylin and the extremely broad-shouldered Blake. Have his shoulders always been that broad or does the polo shirt just bring it out? His challenge is to be a real jerk, and Aylin's is to be a sad sack. Blake yells at Aylin in an acting job that is worthy of a Lifetime Original Movie. Those shoulders are worthy of Lifetime, too.

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