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This week Michael is challenging himself to be a lot more like Blake. He even tried on his underwear in private juuuuuuuust to get a feel for it. In his one-on-one session with Dianna Agron, Michael made some decisions about how he wanted his character to be. It's really pretty open on Glee because there's just not time for direction or good writing. As a result, Michael ends up yelling, "AH LOVE HURR!" over and over again in Blake's face. Robert compliments Blake on his very present ability to yell.

Aylin must be tired by this point. It's the only reason why she would start crying when they put her back in a Muslim headscarf. OK, maybe that was insensitive, but I am just not buying any of what these kids are dishing up anymore, on or off camera. It's all on camera somewhere, so I'm skeptical that any real emotion is getting through.

For this scene she gets in a black car crying, as her "parents" drive her off to some ultra-conservative baby-hiding Red Tent probably. Then Michael yells, "AYLIN!!" after the car like a bad movie. Aaaaaaaand scene.

And now, a segment called, "Would You See This Movie?"

"From the creators of The Glee Project," no. "Comes a story of friends at the crossroads of life," no. A scene where Michael, wearing a cowboy hat, teaches Aylin how to drive? No. Blake and Michael almost kiss? Yes. Ali looking at a gold medal that she never had a chance to win? No. An explanation of how she got that gold medal, yes.

What made this movie look like one that I would record on the Lifetime channel was Blake's performance. I loved him angrily peeping through the barn window, shirtless, and I even enjoyed Aylin's over-dramatic "I'm pregnant" during a break in the song. The Lily/Ali sub-plot I couldn't have cared less about. And I guess there is some part about Lily wearing a dress and feeling good about herself? This was, by far, the worst video yet. I would take a house party with solo cups and too many bags of chips any day.

On stage, the coaches get really emotional telling the kids how great they are, mainly Nikki because she is very, very pregnant. Zach tells them that they'll all make it, one way or another. Then Robert tells them that as their final "gift," Ryan will bring the entire writing team from Glee (a few angry bloggers and the creator of the Lea Michele fan site, Lea Michele?) to watch all five of them do last chance performances. How is that a gift? But they're not in a position to question what they're told to be grateful for.

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