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Scott Campbell versus The World

They discuss Mario first, and Ryan Murphy is tentative about working with even more bad actors. Charlie is difficult, and there's only room for one diva on this show, two if you count Lea Michele. Abraham just wasn't very good this time, and even though he's capable of listening and singing and dancing and not being a total dick, he will probably be eliminated.

The list is up. Who will be penalized unjustly and who will walk free? Mario reads the entire list, name by name, even though he should have known just to go to the bottom. Charlie is safe, as usual. To my surprise and delight, Mario is not called back and Abraham is safe. His fellow contestants will pretend to be sad, but might be secretly pleased that he won't be around to "rub them the wrong way" anymore. Mario hopes that we see more than his blindness after all this, and I can say with confidence that I have. I saw a defensive guy who couldn't take direction or criticism without talking back and sounding rude to authority figures. But also an inspiration.

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