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Dance Dance Devolution

Dani gets to sing "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac, and I can't wait to hear it. Tyler will sing "Daniel" by Elton John and I wish I could fast-forward. Lily will over-sing "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain. In an interview, Lily says she has never watched the show and seen a big girl be the lead or the sexy character, and maybe she meant she's never seen the show. Dani cries because her song is so emotional. I hope she doesn't cry through the whole thing.

The final performances are up, and the good news is that Ryan Murphy has donned a newsies cap and is feeling extra bitchy. Douchey Hat Score: 4. Dani is up first: she's an artist with a great personality, but has trouble adapting to all the stupidity around her. She sings "Landslide" beautifully and rises out of the tar pit of my hatred for all these theater kids. Ryan asks her to sell it a bit more vividly if he deems her worthy of keeping.

Tyler's performance of "Daniel" is better than whatever he did last week, and Ryan tells him he's come up 3000 percent. The dancing was bad, but Tyler is so BRAVE in his personal life that Ryan Murphy needs him for his collection.

Lily puts on a pretty good show for someone with a crappy attitude, and she punched up her sass. She realized that she didn't take Zach's first note well, but failed to acknowledge her corrective and defensive attitude just earlier in the day. Zach tells her he knows it's hard to listen, but she needs to argue less with people who are rooting for her. Ryan asks if she has had problems like this with anyone else, and Lily admits she did with her high school chorus teacher.

"Well I'm the high school chorus teacher of this world," Ryan says unnecessarily. Once Lily leaves the stage, Ryan calls her behavior unnerving. In the post-performance discussion, they agree that Dani isn't really "the show" and maybe it's best to save her now from a world of garbage plot-lines and overly-enthusiastic Lea Michele watching. They like Tyler's story, but he has a long way to go. Lily has a terrible attitude, but that doesn't matter very much on this show.

I think my girl Dani is going home, and I'm worried for her constantly striking out on reality shows. Just get rid of everyone I almost care about why don't you, Ryan? Tyler is in, Lily is in, and Dani is out. You're better off, Dani. Back to the world of the normals. Next week everyone is talking about all the ways they've been bullied and if I know this group like I think I do, they have a lot of Feelings to share. But hey, at least Lily is going to stage-beat the crap out of Aylin.

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