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Winners and Losers of Prom

Ali is "so vibrant it might look a little forced," Zach notes. I think the word you're looking for is affected, or what I've been using all season--"act-y." But now it is Erik White's job to act, as he tells the contestants the video shoot isn't complete without a special guest. That guest is ... one of those guys who won the show last season: Damian, who you may recognize from the background of so many scenes on Glee. Yeah, this video just wouldn't be complete without him in the background. He didn't even say anything. Ever. The entire episode.

A few thing surprised me in this video, mainly how many featured extras there were that we never saw on the show. There just weren't enough rejects to go around this prom. I also thought Blake's character was bland, Aylin's character didn't read, and it was odd that there was a line of guys at prom just waiting for Ali to pretend to kiss them. That's not how I remember prom, but I guess I wasn't enough of a "flirty mean girl." OR WAS I.

Other things not at my prom: kids from my class singing, swings, choreography, and people acting like friends. Some girl like Lily was pulling focus at my prom too, though. Enough of this riff-raff, let's get to the main course.

At the last chance performance stage, Robert, Nikki, and Zach tout life-changing opportunity and millions of downloads to the contestants. Ali acts nervous. Aylin chose to sing "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele to show her sass and vulnerability. Ali chose "Popular" from Wicked, so she can play a bitch. Like Glee doesn't have that. In the most hilarious move of the night, Blake chose "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain because he has related to it ever since he was a kid. What? What is a kid doing relating to "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain? What is anyone doing holding on to that song so dearly? Blake, you've got some 'splainin' to do.

Robert reminds the contenders that Ryan will only choose ONE winner, and everyone still has the opportunity to screw it all up. To add pressure, some writers, cast members, and former contestants will be in the audience. I was actually impressed to see some of the big names who turned up in the audience. Were they paid, perhaps?

Ali is up first, and she knows "that being in a wheelchair has closed doors before, but this is a door that can open." She's right about that. If anything, this show is looking for what's wrong with you so that the writers don't have to work as hard. I'm not saying that being in a wheelchair is "wrong," but I am saying that that wheelchair is a nice, obvious accessory.

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