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Winners and Losers of Prom

Ali's performance causes everyone in the audience to delight, clap, and hug themselves. I will say this: Ali is smart. She knows what she's doing and was wise to choose a "bitchy" character for her final performance. It was a great performance. Ryan called her a "source of light and optimism." I guess I can't hate her anymore, especially when I've elected not to care.

Blake is next, with his bold choice of Edwin McCain, juxtaposed with that hoodie/suit jacket combo. Terrible. Blake did a couple tricks with the microphone, and remembered to show off his "dance-ability." I think even Darren Criss was intimidated. Then he remembered he is Darren Criss, and took his pants off in the theater because he knew no one would care or call him out on it. Michael was more smitten with Blake than ever during this performance. Oh, Michael, don't you know he'll just break your heart?

"So was the microphone trick the thing I haven't seen before?" Ryan Murphy asked, both unimpressed and reading my mind. Blake claims he wanted to show all the emotion of the song, but he probably should have chosen a better song. Really, any song. "Smooth" by Santana would have been better.

"I want to explain to you how I'm different from other people with words," Blake begins, and then takes a poem out of his pocket. Oh, so that's what his big plan was. Even background-dweller Damian McGinty knew this was a bad move. Everyone was uncomfortable, as audiences about to hear unexpected poetry are wont to be.

The poem rhymed, but also gave the writers a couple ideas for how to write for him. To his credit, the poem was relatively charming, and really earned him a Glee moment. Pregnant Nikki and pregnant-emotions-haver Robert cried.

Aylin performs last. Right before she started, Abraham shouted "werk!" Remember how he's straight, though? To each their own lies. Aylin can sing Adele, so good for her. She is charming, and talented. She tells them that she can handle the pressure, and she wants it so bad.

So, two inspirational characters and one talented, good-looking guy remain. Who should get that guest spot? Darren Criss wants Ali to roll by in the background, Dianna Agron liked that Ali is actually in a wheelchair unlike their wheelchair-bound character now. The female writer really liked Blake, and why wouldn't you. A lot of these people like Ali, while the professionals prefer Blake.

Then, Charlie sold out his girlfriend. Maybe he forgot that he was eliminated and this competition isn't about him anymore? He told Ryan, "Aylin may not be the best actor, but you can get her there." He also spoke to "the fear and intolerance that the post 9/11 decade has brought us," and everyone looked at him like "oh no he di'n't."

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