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Competition for Scarce Resources

Only six contenders remain: four girls and two guys. They are all relieved that there are only two weeks left of the competition, but no one is more relieved than me. Michael notes that everything is just a little bit more high stakes now, and he doesn't want to be cocky, but he's really proud of how far he's come. What an asshole, right? And he wants to beat Blake.

Over the last couple weeks, Michael has become just a hair obsessed with Blake. Beating him, besting him, keeping pace with him. It's all getting a little weird, how often he talks about Blake. Maybe Michael's tunnel vision is helping him, though, the way my strategy of picking a cute guy and keeping pace with him during the weekly "fun run" helped me in seventh grade. Just a few steps behind... always stay just a few steps behind. Right, Michael?

This week's theme is another made up word: "Romanticality." Robert tells the contestants that Glee's iconic relationships are one of the "most popular elements" of the show. Fans will cling to whatever they can and whatever remains constant, Robert. He tells the contestants that this week, their charge is to create "convincing romantic chemistry." Everyone, including Michael, looks longingly at Blake.

"I have a crush on Blake," Lily says, ever the aggressor, "I think everyone has a crush on Blake." Basically there's competition for scarce resources. This should be a good week for Aylin, though, who is very "flirtatious," or as we would have called it back in my day, "slutty." Their homework is "More Than Words" by Extreme, and Nuno Bettencourt, the guitar player and songwriter, will be there himself to accompany them. I guess he didn't have anything better to do. Also, what the hell kind of name is Nuno Bettencourt?

For choreography, they agree on couples/pairs but no one says anything about who they want to pair off with, instead they do this Heads Up, Seven Up style, with eye contact. As is typical with "choose your own partner" eye contact rules, it doesn't go in everyone's favor. Lily looks hopefully at Blake, who did not look at her. Michael keeps his head down, and so Lily and Aylin are stuck together. The two most sexually charged women in the room, they think to themselves. But really, they're concerned because they can't stand each other. They've been too busy rubbing each other the wrong way to imagine that they're rubbing each other the right way. You know what I mean.

Lily and Aylin decide, in the spirit of competition and outdoing everybody, to kiss. The contenders are so horny at this point, any hole will do. Shanna is nervous about being with Michael, because his grades haven't been stellar in Glee Project school so far. And because he is devastatingly handsome (for an eighteen year old)?

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