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I went from being annoyed with Zach Woodlee to really liking him. He is just so in love with every single contestant, always. They could fart on stage and he would be thrilled. He loved Aylin, who forgot the words and performed very, very briefly. Ryan doesn't care about Aylin as an individual, but loves that she's a Muslim, for the show.

Ryan doesn't care much for Blake, because of his "absence of vulnerability and nerves." As though on cue, Blake comes out and stumbles over the introduction to his song.

"There's the nerves for you," Nikki whispers to Ryan, clearly on Team Blake. Ryan is not impressed with Blake, because he has been a frontrunner. Underdogs only. Speaking of non-underdogs, Shanna's up next, and Ryan doesn't like her either because she's "probably our top girl."

It's hard not to like Shanna for long, though, especially when she's accompanied by Zach Woodlee's cheers of delight. After her performance, which was good, she met Ryan Murphy's attitude with some of her own. Ryan asks her to be "a little bit bolder," because she hasn't pitched herself as "the character who was called a crack baby for a long time but overcame it with the glee club." The best type of writing for Ryan Murphy to do is when he doesn't have to write at all, and she's making him work.

Shanna offered up that Michael should be there instead of her, and Ryan said, "bring more of that girl back. You have to be that tough, country girl." Yes, that's how we shall label her. Tough country girl. That'll do.

I would love if, as a major twist, they just sent Michael home instead of any of these three. Nikki and Zach disagree on who should leave, and it's breaking Zach's heart to leave any of them. He loves them so dearly, with all of his open heart.

I just can't believe that my three frontrunners are in the bottom. I can not fathom that Lily and Michael are safe. But this is always how it works, isn't it? Blake is called back, and so is Aylin, leaving Shanna mercilessly on the outs. She thought she'd be here the entire time, and so did we. Did that just happen? Did Michael and Aylin just drag her down to the bottom and out?

"I'm gonna make it," Shanna tells us, but I just don't think that's true. I'm pretty sure being on The Glee Project practically ensures that you will not make it anywhere else. At least next week we get to see them ACT some FEELINGS. I dread it.

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