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The Sexy-Off: A Losing Game

"She's so sexy I can see it," Mario, the blind guy, says. Hey, Mario, that was a good one. In the homework, Nellie is visibly uncomfortable, but the vocal performance is one of the group's best. It got a little Kimmy-Gibler-goes-to-a-boy-girl party toward the end of the number, but that's when, thankfully, it ended. Naya thought Blake was sexy because he looks sexy, Aylin bordered on "too much," and Charlie's beatboxing was sexy. Naya called Nellie out on her blaring awkwardness, just before announcing Charlie as the winner.

Before Charlie gets some sexy lessons from Naya Rivera, we learn that the video this week will be a mash-up (everyone loses their minds) of "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and "Milkshake" by Kelis. The concept is a high school sex-ed class "that turns into a boys vs. girls sexy-off," as high school sex-ed classes are known to do.

Zach Woodlee works with the contestants on moving their bodies in a way that is appealing to others. He needs to tone down Aylin, and turn up Shanna. Nellie is near tears with embarrassment. Zach wants Nellie to do a stripper type of move, which she will surely botch.

In the studio with Nikki, Charlie is told to stick to the melody, and stop flirting with Aylin. But he has ADHD, Nikki, and Aylin is a whole lot of woman to handle. I don't know how much longer I can stand Charlie. Aylin and Charlie aren't as attracted to one another as they are young, horny, and bored (a mash-up!), but since Mario is toning it down, their budding non-relationship is pulling focus.

Michael gets lost in the studio when singing with Mario, and if this kid is in the bottom three during "sexuality" week, I would feel some anguish. Nikki had to get Michael to leave the studio because it was getting "too messy" and Michael had to go to the green room to compute.

It's time for director Erik White to shoot the "sexy-off." Lily wants to out-slutty Aylin to make sure young women all over know that all they have is their bodies to use as currency in exchange for feeling like a worthwhile human. But Zach and Robert applaud her quietly for "owning every part of her body" and not being impossible to work with. I was proud of Nellie for poppin' that booty and looking great.

Tyler is hoping that his "type of sexy," which is mentally complicated and based on an intricate balance of defensiveness and fear, will come across. Robert notes that Tyler is disappearing. Nikki, Robert, and Zach all quietly concur that Abraham is like a different person, and taking the red out of his hair opened him up to a less gay persona. In his one-on-one with Naya Rivera, Charlie got to ogle some boobs while receiving compliments. He looks like John Cusack, especially in that jacket. Also in his video shoot jacket. He just looks like John Cusack.

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