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The Sexy-Off: A Losing Game

Erik White gives Charlie some direction, which he corrects based on "what Zach and I discussed earlier." Erik will be damned if he has some punk-ass, John Cusack-looking kid telling him how to run his video. He even started directing the actress playing the sex-ed teacher. But this did not go unnoticed by Zach Woodlee, the Glee Project's own eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg.

"Charlie has to stop, it's driving me crazy," Erik says. Robert, who sees the best in everyone, thought they all did a great job and it will be a tough week to choose a bottom three. I will be the judge of that, along with everyone's sexiness this week, Robert. And yes, that is a dipping sauce stain on my shirt. What of it?

In the video, the kids are writing an essay on "what sex means to you," per a hilariously un-f**kable old lady, who has nothing left to contribute to society now that she's past her sexual heyday. Shanna, Ali, and Michael were awkward. Nellie looked absolutely awesome, and Blake was sexy. I was surprised to see a little blow job innuendo in there, but the teacher seemed like this was any other essay-writing period. And why should she care? She sure isn't getting this at home, right, video?

I imagine Michael, Tyler, and Charlie will be in the bottom three this week. On stage, Zach and Robert applaud Nellie and deem her first called back. Blake, Mario, Aylin, Abraham, Ali, and Lily are also called back. Charlie, Shanna, Michael, and Tyler are in trouble. Tyler is blending/shrinking too much, Michael had a bad week in the booth, Shanna is too happy and bubbly, and begins to cry. Charlie was unprofessional, annoying, and disrespectful.

"I tried to own roles that weren't mine this week," Charlie admits, "I just need to learn where the boundaries are." That is only OK because we know he has a mild form of autism. Charlie will be performing, along with Tyler and Michael. Charlie gets "I Get a Kick Out of You," which he has not heard. Michael will sing "Lucky" by Jason Mraz, and Tyler is stuck with "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin. Tyler is, yet again, miffed by this assignment. Looks like two of them have songs to learn and Michael will be presented to Ryan Murphy as a virgin sacrifice. Are you pleased with the young man we found for you, my liege?

Charlie is up first, and Ryan must know that he is all over the place. Ryan is displeased, as last week he decided he adores Charlie unconditionally. Everyone's a little shit sometimes, right? Charlie's performances are charming, yes, but if Erik were in that room Charlie would be done. Ryan tells him he's the only contestant "in the history of the show" that Erik had to tell to stop. The long, illustrious history of this show is no joke, Charlie.

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