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The Sexy-Off: A Losing Game

"I have a childlike enthusiasm--" Charlie begins, but Ryan stops him with, "it sounds like you weren't being enthusiastic, you were being unprofessional." Ryan tells him it's not high school, it's a job. Everyone but Ryan is over Charlie, and Ryan admits that he won't get to hang out with his girlfriend much longer if he keeps acting like a little jackass.

Tyler isn't as inspired by Tyler as Ryan is, and that's a problem. His performance of "Smile" is winning, because almost any performance of "Smile" with any heart would be. After his performance, Tyler tells them he's a very internal person, and only has seven months of his new sexuality under his belt. Ryan had some wise words for Tyler about how he can only be where he is, but some of the other contenders are just better.

Michael is up last, and he is sexy, but he is too analytical. The performance is good, maybe a bit too internal and hard, but Michael could really be part of a boy band if he knew what one was. Michael forgot the lyrics three quarters of the way through, and only finished through the commendable cheering from Zach Woodlee in the audience. Ryan asked Michael what the hell happened, and Michael claims it has never happened before. Except earlier that week.

Once the bottom three contestants are in the green room, Ryan declares Michael's the worst performance of the night by far, but Zach vouches for Michael. I mean, we would all like to keep him around just to watch a bit more. Charlie is "a hot mess" but Ryan Murphy loves a hot mess. In the green room, Charlie admits that this always happens to him. He's talented, but wildly unprofessional, and hasn't figured out "a way to keep [himself] in check" yet. Exhausting. Tyler just has a "not ready yet" problem.

Ryan Murphy has made his choice. Charlie gets another chance, of course, and the quizzical look on Tyler's face upon reading the callback list reveals that he will be eliminated. Michael gets another chance to be boring but hot. Tyler will have to "keep holding on," and maybe complain less in the future.

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