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I don't even remember who went home last week. Was it Nellie? Was it almost-Michael? Does it matter? This week, I am ready to see Lily go home, but I suppose I'd take Ali, too. The "here's what you missed last week" clip package (thank you, Glee Project, I missed it tenderly,) tells us that Lily and Aylin are still getting on each other's nerves, so we can look forward to some of that tension lighting up this week. The contestants sit around, discussing how close the end is and how few of them there are left. I wish I felt the same.

Robert comes in and reminds them that they should all be proud of themselves. He is proud of all of them, and you, too, if you're reading this. We are all Robert's children, and he loves us no matter what. Even Lily, who we can barely stand anymore.

The week's theme is "tenacity," and the remaining seven contestants give it the standard level of too-much-enthusiasm, even though they might not know what it means. Robert says that at this point, they could tell him what it meant, and they all laughed because that was in no way true. Ali notes that she is very familiar with the word "tenacity" because she has never given up, and she is in a wheelchair. In case you forgot.

To speak in a language they all understand, Robert tells the contestants that this week's homework assignment is "Survivor" by Destiny's Child, and they react with genuine enthusiasm, having been raised on the gospel of Beyonce. Then, we learned something new and genuinely interesting about Abraham. He used to be a lawyer, but gave it up to be a performer. The show passes this off as admirable, but I bet Abraham's got a mountain of unpaid student loans that say otherwise. He was really a lawyer? Did he give up a paying job to be on Glee? I object.

This week's theme of tenacity also means a lot to Shanna, whose mom was on drugs, in case you forgot. Tenacity means little to Blake and Michael, though, who have coasted through life on the Good-Looking Express.

This week's guest is the fabulous, stunning, under-utilized Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes on Glee. No more barely-famous guests, Amber Riley is the real deal, and she has real stress fractures on both her feet from being on Glee. Instead of seeing a medical professional, Amber came here to show us the true meaning of tenacity, and also what is expected from you once you work for Ryan Murphy.

The homework is predictably over-acty from everyone except Shanna and Blake, who have a gauge for these types of things. Abraham is doing a pretty good job, Ali did her hair like Baby Spice, and Michael just looks incredibly awkward. He still looks good in the face, though, and for that I would like him to stay another week. I imagine Ali will be crowned the winner for being in a wheelchair.

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