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Nellie is excited because she did theater, and maybe they won't ask her to be sexy this week. Lily is also excited because "theatricality is something I embody," and this will be a great opportunity for her to boss everyone around. Aylin is annoyed that Lily is being completely awful and she just lost her almost-boyfriend to the cruel, swift hand of Ryan Murphy.

With little fanfare or introduction aside from being "one of Glee's hottest new stars," some kid named Grant Gustin strolls on as this week's guest mentor. Apparently, he plays a character named Sebastian Smythe, who the writers soon got tired of and wrote off. But yeah, theatricality. If the theme was being hot ("hot-ability"), this kid would make sense as a guest. And then he could choose Michael and Blake both as the winners, and they could spend the mentoring session looking at themselves in the mirror and I'd be fine with it. Just give the people what they want already, Glee Project.

Robert reveals that Grant was in the Broadway revival of West Side Story when he was cast on Glee. The most beautiful sound I've ever heard ... On with the homework. I immediately feel embarrassed for the contestants, who decided that in the spirit of A Chorus Line, they would don dancewear. This was a terrible decision, probably made by Lily, who is acting incredibly obnoxious in this performance.

It's clear Michael is not familiar with the context of this song, nor did anyone explain it to him. Still, he sings, "How many people does he need?" with the worried face of anyone about to face Ryan Murphy, President of Panem. Ali got the best part in the song, vocally, and I think Lily chose poorly for herself. The song gives me chills in spite of myself, particularly when Shanna sings, "I really need this job." Good job, Marvin Hamlisch.

Grant gives Michael a note to be more confident, which Lily says he keeps getting and doesn't do anything about it because he doesn't want it as bad as the rest of them. The rest of them would gnaw off BOTH feet to win this thing, Michael. You have to be willing to do that. Nellie also needs to work on confidence. [Note: Here's my question: Why would the two people who are constantly given notes about boosting their confidence take the parts of the song where the characters are insecure? Idiots! -- Rachel.] Grant thought Ali was fantastic and Lily was funny. Great, just what we need to reward.

Grant rewards Ali with the win this week, for having the most theatrical smile, I suppose. I think I'm starting to form an opinion of Ali, and it is not a favorable one. She just bugs me to watch. But hey, she has a lot of similarities to Lea Michele, so maybe it's the right fit. But Grant, they all need attention so desperately.

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